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Arcane Empire II Game Setting

This game setting uses a variation of D6 (Open game content from West End Games) and D20 (Open game content from Wizards of the Coast). The game is played with just D6 (although it could be modified to use just D20, d10, or whatever the gaming group desired).

The setting is written with the assumption that the characters are predominantly from Earth and/or operate based on Earth. Having characters not from/on Earth makes no difference in the rules at all, it is simply easier for many players to be familiar with a place like Chicago than Aryls the mining colony at Sitar Seven (which may be a very fun place, but it requires the GM do a little more footwork to get the right type of images across). I like using settings with Earth in them as it gives a good point of reference and allows modern jokes/slang to not be out of place. My current setting is using San Diego even though we had started off using Seattle.

Character Building

As always having an idea of what you want your character to be before trying to write up statistics is helpful, but at the same time knowing what options are available will impact those choices. Overall every player will have 18 dice of attributes split among six attribute categories; humans are limited to placing a minimum of 2D in each and a maximum of 4D in each while other species often have one lower range and one higher range attribute. The number of attribute dice never changes.

Skills, special abilities, and starting funds will vary. In the a la carte system characters have 90 points to distribute between the three categories. Each point can purchase either 1 specialization or 1 pip (1/3 of a die) in a general skill. Each point is worth 1,000 credits if used for starting funds and equipment. Finally the points can be used to purchase special abilities (most alien species have 10-15 points of special abilities). Templates are premade characters where the points have been assigned and some or all of the money has been spent to give the player a ready to play character with very little work.

Game Play

Once all the players have characters the game master can start them on the game. Arcane Empires II is set up for single roll actions meaning one roll is made to determine the results of an action (rather than having separate rolls for things like attacks, defense, and damage). This is meant to streamline the rules portion so the game master can focus on role playing and describing the action. Some players like to roll dice, and if the GM knows this they may have more rolls in the game, but the assumption is less is better, so the default in the system is to use fewer rolls. Generally only the person initiating an action makes a roll (if it is a contested roll it is best to let the player involved roll and use the NPC's skill as a set target number).

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