Arcane Empire II

Part 13: We Meet Again (May-2)

More fun with Demons

The team was hired to recover the White Dove, an artifact reputed to end or prevent wars. They travelled to the kingdom of Ramenestes XIII where they attempted to gain access to the library for lore, then going to the Pharoe's court battled the queen killing her and then forced their way into the library killing her spider-children. In the library they found the Dove was hidden in the tower of night protected by the Spider Queen, the mother of the queen they had killed. After that they decided to raid the Pharoe's treasury and found that it was under the protection of Amarubicus, who killed Shamrock and his Familiar after the others gated away.

Discovering the temple of dawn they fought through to the portals of the sun and moon and eventually made their way to the thornworld of the spider asteroids, but decided to use a Miracle to bypass the other realms and reach the Dove.

Hammer plane shifted away with the Dove, Boondock was killed by the spider queen and then Shamrock who had been resurrected plane shifted away.        



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