Vehicle - Warsaw Boris-60

Economy APC


An eight wheeled armored personnel carrier based on the old BTR-60 design. It is marketed to developing countries that can’t afford full modern vehicles, but want an edge over primitive opponents.

Name: Boris-60 APC
Type: Generic Bargain Armored Expanded Off-Road Amphibious Van
Cost: 50,000 credits
Move: 100 (50 mph) land/20 (10 mph) water
Armor Rating: 10
Damage Capacity: 30/60/90
Seats: 17 (3 crew/14 passenger)
Cargo: 20 cf

Large long range full auto gun with 500 rounds
Damage: 18, Range: 100/300/1,000
Medium long range full auto gun with 2,000 rounds
Damage: 12, Range: 100/300/1,000

spotlights: 240 ft range
IR spotlight: double dark vision range
Smoke: 20 ft radius


Vehicle - Warsaw Boris-60

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