Vehicle - Dungeon Delver

Dungeon Exploration Vehicle


Frame: Exceptional Generic Aerodyne Van, Heavy Armor, Perpetual power.
Move: 150 (75 mph perpetual power)
AR: 14 (19 enchanted)
HP: 40/80/120 (Fast Healing 5)
Shields: Heavy -10 to hit
Seats: 11
Cargo: 16 CF
Cost: 790,000

6 Huge Full Auto Energy Turret (4 front, 2 rear, up to 3 per side)
Damage: 32 (Cold)
Range: 60/180/600
Ammo: Unlimited (perpetual power)

1 Gargantuan Laser Bore (Fixed Forward, Deck Sweeper)
Damage: 48/24/12
Range: 6 (x5)/18 (x10)/60 (x20)
Ammo: Unlimited (perpetual power)
Enchantment: Ghost Touch

2 Single Shot Medium Missile Tube (fixed forward)
1 shot each (can reload from inside in 1 round)

12 Single shot grenade launchers (2 per turret)
Must be reloaded from outside, fired by turret gunner

8 IR and Conventional Spotlights (Double darkvision and 240 ft), 1 per turret and 2 front

3,000 lb winch with 150 ft cable (rear)

Shrink Item/Tattoo Form
Animated w/ Shield Guardian


The Dungeon Delver was made to explore conventional dungeons using a gravity flight system to maneuver and it contains up to eleven explorers within its armored hull. Six are in turrets (three sets of side by side turrets – four forward and two rear facing, three can be turned to either side). There is one non-crew position next to the driver with a clear view front and there are three non-crew positions in the back with access to periscopes. A loading ramp in the back makes entry and egress easy while a hatch at the non-crew position in the front can be used in tight spaces but is less convenient. The turrets are crewed from within the vehicle and do not have egress hatches.

High Altitude Flight
Under 1,000 ft: 75 mph
1,000-9,000 ft: 150 mph
10,000-50,000 ft: 300 mph

Vehicle - Dungeon Delver

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