Starting Characters

Beginning players in the setting


Players for the campaign have 18D to divide among the 6 basic attributes, if the character is human they may not place less than 2D or more than 4D in any one of the attributes, if they aren’t human see the species for what can be placed in each attribute.

Humans have 90 development points to build with (alien species will have less based upon the cost of the species – usually 5-15 points).

Each point will buy a specialization or a pip of general skill. There is no limit to how many specializations may be purchased, but no general skill may be raised more than 2D (6 points) above the attribute.

Points not used for skills can be used for money and equipment; each point is 1,000 credits for starting gear or funds.


Once all the basics are done the character sheet can be filled out and things like damage thresholds, Strength Damage, and Encumbrance limits can be figured out.

Legion Package
Characters who have done 5 years in the legion receive broad training in how to use magic, fight, survive, and nearly every other aspect of activity. This broad training gives a starting character a 1D advancement in every skill (30D or 90 points worth), giving them a massive head star, but the 2D limit still applies, so only 1 additional die may be added from the base 90 points. Also a character who served in the Legion becomes an Imperial Citizen with certain rights others don’t have, including exemption from local taxes.

Legionnaire’s Geas: All Legionnaires must voluntarily undergo a series of permanent geas which prevent them from participating in military action against the Empire (rebellion or otherwise), prevent them from ever attacking an Arcane (even in self defense), and requires that they pay their taxes as soon as possible (50% of all gains regardless of source). These geas can never be removed even after leaving the service.

Starting Characters

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