Power Armor: Union Army

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Union Army is a U.S. based company that makes military gear using Imperial technology. They produce entire lines of products made to work together and are considered to have excellent quality although their prices deter some buyers.

Union Army Infantry
This suit isn’t power armor, but just a heavy exoskeleton made to match the power armor line. It is name brand quality, but otherwise normal in every respect.
Weight: 9 lb times dice of strength
Cost: 180 credits per die of strength ($900/die)

Union Army Commander
This is a light power armor. The plating is actually less than on the Infantry model as the internal mechanisms took more weight and space. As with other Union Army products it is considered comfortable and reliable if overpriced

Style: Name Brand, Light Frame, Legged, Armored
Size: Medium
AR: 8
HP: 10/20/30
Lifting: 3D+1
Move: 60
Cost: 8,000 credits ($40,000)

Union Army Commando
Similar to the commander with more frame reinforcement and heavier armor. The commando is still capable of using normal infantry weapons.

Style: Name Brand, Light Frame, Exceptional, Legged, Armored
Size: Medium
AR: 9
HP: 15/30/45
Lifting: 5D
Move: 60
Cost: 16,000 credits ($80,000)

Union Army Heavy Armor
A heavy class power armor the Heavy armor is intended to carry anti-vehicle weapons into battle. Unlike the previous suits it also includes built in weaponry wit two triple barreled medium guns mounted on the wrists to provide suppression fire against enemy troops.

Style: Name Brand, Heavy Frame, Legged, Armored, Fast
Size: Large
AR: 10
HP: 15/30/45
Lifting: 5D
Move: 60
Cost: 24,000 credits ($120,000) without weapons

Wrist Guns
2 × 3 barreled medium short range gun with 300 rounds each (600 total)
Damage: 12, Range: 50/150/500, RoF 15/30, Ammo 300/600, Cost: 2,000 loaded

Total Cost: 26,000 credits ($130,000)


Power Armor: Union Army

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