Power Armor: Stanovic Avatar Ang

Light Flying Power Armor


This lightweight suit is used for speed and known for good reliability and comfort in the class, it comes unarmed but can use any typical infantry weapon, they are most often employed as scouts for heavier units.

Style: Name Brand, Light, Armored, Legged/Flight Hybrid
Size: Medium
AR: 8
HP: 10/20/30
Lifting: 3D+1
Move: 60 ground/200 flight
Frame Cost: 96,000 credits ($480,000)

Extras can be added, but aren’t standard

High Altitude Flight
Under 1,000 ft: 100 mph
1,000-9,000 ft: 200 mph
10,000-50,000 ft: 400 mph


Power Armor: Stanovic Avatar Ang

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