Power Armor: Marovian Ride Armor

Defense Force Power Armor


Type: Assault Flying Cycle Armor
Cost: 365,000
Move: 60/300 (fly 200)
AR: 11
HP: 20/40/60
Size: Large
Shields: add 5 to difficulty to hit (as light cover)

Has 2 built in weapons (forearm mounted in power armor form and alongside the front wheel in bike form) 1 is a medium vibro-blade and the other a medium assault blaster. Also mounts a bubble helmet feature, has front cowling and helm spotlight mounts (240 ft beam) as well as low light vision lenses (see up to 480 ft with spotlights), a holorecorder and communicator are included and linked to the helmet of the ride armor exoskeleton for review when in cycle mode. While it is ideal to enchant the armor it comes with 1 heavy power pack allowing an 10 hours of vehicular operation, 625 shots with the blaster, 50 minutes of deflector field, 50 hours of bubble helm use, or 833 minutes of vibro-blade power (4 perpetual power spells would provide for all the suit’s needs continuously since the vibro-blade and blaster could share power).

Rider must be wearing Ride Armor Exoskeleton (Medium Exoskeleton: AR-8, made to work with the Cyclone; 80 credits and 8 lb per die of strength) to convert from cycle form into the power armor mode.

Ride Armor/Cycle folds to a 5 CF box which can be stored behind the pilot in a fighter or mech (or the trunk of a car). Attached to the armor is a 0 point survival kit (small collapsible kit that includes the following items: digital compass, bedroll/sleeping bag, one person shelter, 100 ft paracord (300 lb test), flashlight, three survival ration packs, fishing line and hooks, survival knife with multitool, canteen with water filter, a chemical igniter, a 0 point medical kit, and a 0 point specialized tool kit for the ride armor).


Type: Slashing/Piercing
Damage: 12+6
Note: retractable

Type: Electric
Damage: 16
Range: 60/180/600
Note: Full Auto (rof 10)

Ride Armor Power Armor/Bike is based on the Imperial Cyclone, but the Marovians haven’t standardized enchantments for theirs yet due to cost and time constraints.

Ramming with the vibro-blade in cycle form is possible, but will likely damage the armor as well as the enemy (Divide the speed traveled by 10 applying that much damage to the suit and that much plus the base 12 of the vibro-blade to the target; going 110 or less the bike isn’t damaged due to the AR, at any speed over 710 the bike is destroyed and the enemy takes 83 damage).

Planned Upgrades
When money and time allow the suits are to be upgraded and eventually new suits would be built with the following features;

Perpetual power for all systems
Ghost touch+1 on included weapons mentioned above
Full auto hand carried laser (Damage 24, 120/360/1200, unlimited ammo, Ghost Touch+1)
See Invisibility Visor
Endure Elements System

High Altitude Performance
Up to 900 ft: 100 mph
1,000 to 9,000 ft: 200 mph
10,000 to 50,000 ft: 400 mph

Power Armor: Marovian Ride Armor

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