Power Armor: Imperial Cyclone

Cycle/Power Armor Hybrid


Type: Assault Flying Cycle Armor
Cost: 390,000
Move: 60/300 (fly 200)
AR: 11 (16 with enhancement)
HP: 20/40/60
Size: Large
Shields: add 5 to difficulty to hit (as light cover)

Imperial Flying Cycle Armor includes Perpetual Power, Armor Enhancement 5, and Shields making it 5 more difficult to hit.

Has 2 small hard points (each will mount a medium weapon which is forearm mounted in power armor form and alongside the front wheel in bike form)

Rider must be wearing Ride Armor (Medium Exoskeleton made to work with the Cyclone)

Cyclone folds to a 5 CF box which can be stored behind the pilot in a fighter or mech (or the trunk of a car).

High Altitude Performance
Driving in cycle form: 150 mph
Up to 900 ft: 100 mph
1,000 to 9,000 ft: 200 mph
10,000 to 50,000 ft: 400 mph


Power Armor: Imperial Cyclone

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