Power Armor: Dark Nova

Cheap Power Armor


Dark Nova is a crudely built power armor suit whose sole strength lies in the fact that it can be acquired in larger numbers than better built suits.

Type: Heavy, Bargain, Armored, Legged
Size: Large
Move: 30
AR: 9
HP: 10/20/30
Frame Cost: 6,000

Enclosed Missile Boxes: 1,500
2 launchers with 2 light missiles each (6,000 more loaded)

Medium Vibro-Blade extends from Arm
Damage 12+3
Cost: 100

Assault Rifle
Hand Carried Large Autocannon
Damage: 18
Range: 100/300/1,000
Ammo: 100 (rof 10)
Cost: 2,000 loaded

Total: 15,600 fully loaded (8,100 without missile launchers)


Power Armor: Dark Nova

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