Organized Crime

Crime Syndicates and business


Organized crime has been a reality for centuries, but the big question when the world was cast into the massive galactic society was how would it adapt. Trade of illicit good was significantly impacted when most illegal goods were legalized or replaced with more lucrative and often less expensive options. Slavery and human trafficking were big in some circles and to a certain extent persist, but with androids and drones being commonly available the market has shrunk considerably.

Major areas of interest for the remaining syndicates are theft, tax evasion, protection rackets, and assassination. This means they still deal in all the things they did before as well as expanding operations into other legal venues, but the actual criminal activity is in acquiring assets without paying for them or selling items and services and not paying taxes on them.

The Galactic Government charges a 50% tax on all monetary exchanges, which is more than enough incentive to dodge paying taxes.

To stay in operation the syndicates use thugs and bribery meaning some of the money is still lost to paying officials to look the other way, but overall crime still pays and the big syndicates are bigger than ever.


Disorganized Crime:

Gangs have become a big problem again with turf wars between gangs being a frequent occurrence in most urban areas and roving motor gangs a threat in more rural areas. While gangs don’t tend to be well organized some are deceptively powerful having former legion members who joined due to old friends in the gang, being disgruntled with society, or a variety of other reasons. Beginning gangs often rely on robbery to get by, but if they become successful enough they can move on to protection rackets and some have been hired to cause damage (to lower property values, undermine a politician, pass a crime bill, or just to cost a competing business money).

Organized Crime

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