Supernatural Powers


Arcane Empire is a magic rich environment where everyone has the potential to use magic, but it is difficult enough many without special training don’t use their natural potential using magic items instead if they are available.

Two forms of magic:
There are two forms of magic in Arcane Empire II, wizardry and faith magic. Wizardry runs off of the Arcane Arts skill and its specializations. Faith magic runs off the Religion skill and its specializations. Wizardry is often associated with psychic powers and comes from an inner determination rather than a belief in an outside force. Faith magic stems from belief and dedication to something external to the individual, typically a deity but in some cases it can be a shared philosophy (it must be shared by thousands of people who follow it religiously to count for faith).

Magic energy:
Each person has a personal reserve of energy they can use to fuel their magic, or possibly two pools of energy if they practice both wizardry and faith magic. The number of points in this pool is equal to the pips of skill in Arcane Arts or Religion (specializations don’t increase this). Whenever a spell is used a number of points equal to the level of spell used in drained from the pool. Energy recovers at the rate of 1 point per hour (2 per hour if resting, or 1 point per full die of skill if sleeping each hour).

Skill Caster Level Max Spell Level Points Available
1D 2nd 1st 3
2D 4th 2nd 6
3D 6th 3rd 9
4D 8th 4th 12
5D 10th 5th 15
6D 12th 6th 18
7D 14th 7th 21
8D 16th 8th 24
9D 18th 9th 27
10D 20th 9th 30

Magic potency:
The maximum level spell a character may attempt is equal to the full dice of skill they have (Arcane Arts or Religion as appropriate). The effective caster level for any spell cast is twice the full dice value of the skill (a specialization counts if appropriate to the spell, but pips do not). The roll to resist a spell is 6 plus (spell level x 2), if a caster wants a spell to be harder to resist they can cast it as a higher level spell up to their limit (A fireball is 3rd level, a 5D caster could cast a fireball as a 5th level spell to increase the save from 12 to 16).

Spell Level Save Difficulty Cast Difficulty Minimum Skill
0 6 25 1D
1 8 26 1D
2 10 27 2D
3 12 28 3D
4 14 29 4D
5 16 30 5D
6 18 31 6D
7 20 32 7D
8 22 33 8D
9 24 34 9D

Casting difficulty:
The base difficulty to cast a spell is 25 plus spell level (25-34). Modifiers can significantly reduce this if the character has the time and resources.
-Written spell reference (perusing/reading actively/reading carefully): -3/-5/-7
-Using Verbal components (whisper/conversation/yelling): -3/-5/-7
-Using Somatic components (Hand/Arms/Full Body): -3/-5/-7
-Have a material component (bargain/standard/exceptional): -3/-5/-7
-Specialized in specific spell: -5 (replaces written reference)

Spell references:
A classic wizardry spell book can be used, as well as special church devotionals, but they aren’t typical files and to store them electronically requires special circuitry called spell-ware (or payer-ware). The cost for a data-pad that holds this type of information is 200 credits per level of storage capacity (maximum of 50 in a single unit). Special chips made to hold this circuitry are also available at 50 credits per level (10 max in one chip), but the chips still need the modified data-pad to be read. Conventional books/scrolls are only 1 credit per page, but it takes 100 credits in special ink per level of spell added and 2 pages of space per level of spell.
-Perusing a work requires 1 round extra time: -3
-Reading actively requires 1 round per spell level extra time: -5
-Reading carefully requires 2 rounds per spell level extra time: -7

Material Components:
Alchemists can make items that make using magic easier. Expendable components are used up when a spell is cast (or attempted and failed), reusable components are more expensive, but may be used over and over again. Each component is specific to one individual spell, so wizards who want to have a broad range will need lots of materials. Expendable materials come in sets of ten and a standard quality component set is costs (spell level squared) in credits. A standard quality reusable material component costs (spell level squared) x10 in credits. Bargain material components cost ½ as much as standard while exceptional material components cost twice as much.

Spell Level Bargain Standard Exceptional
0 0.1 (10)/1.25 0.25 (10)/2.5 0.5 (10)/5
1 0.5 (10)/5 1 (10)/10 2 (10)/20
2 2 (10)/20 4 (10)/40 8 (10)/80
3 4.5 (10)/45 9 (10)/90 18 (10)/180
4 8 (10)/80 16 (10)/160 32 (10)/320
5 12.5 (10)/125 25 (10)/250 50 (10)/500
6 18 (10)/180 36 (10)/360 72 (10)/720
7 24.5 (10)/245 49 (10)/490 98 (10)/980
8 32 (10)/320 64 (10)/640 128 (10)/1,280
9 40.5 (10)/405 81 (10)/810 162 (10)/1,610

Draining Spells;
Those listed as having a GP value to use no longer have the monetary cost but cause drain (no magic can be used during the drain period). At the end of the drain period the character has 0 magic points but recovers them normally. Duration of drain is 1 day per 2,500 credits the spell originally cost to cast or 1 hour per 100 credits if less than 2,500 credits. Drain is also experienced when making magic items, but unless the magic item uses a draining spell the character is simply at 0 magic points at the end of each day of enchanting work. If making a magic item with a spell that normally has drain add the drain period to recovery after making the item (a wand of continual flame is 4,500 credits for the enchantment – 2 days, but has a material cost of 2,500 credits adding another day of recovery when the creator can’t use magic). Simulacrums cannot make items or cast draining spells, but can cast normal spells if the original could.


Spells Known
Characters who are members of the Arcane Guild or Universal church can be assumed to have studies any spells of their access level, but in a starting campaign where money is an issue the question of how many spells a character has the familiarity to cast may come up.

With religion or arcane at the base attribute the characters knows no spells automatically and must purchase them, learn them from another character, or arrange to study them somewhere. It takes 1 hour of study and practice per spell level to master a spell or prayer.

Every pip over the attribute the character develops in arcane or religion they will learn a number of spells equal to their full dice of skill in spells of a level they can cast at the level developed (a character learning from 2D to 2D+1 would learn 2 spells which could be level 0-2, while a character advancing from 5D+2 to 6D would learn 6 new spells chosen form levels 0-6).

If a school specialization is taken (illusion, necromancy, conjuration etc) the character gets a number of spells equal to the full dice of the specialization of the level castable with the specialization, but all must be from that school (5D+1 Arcane takes a necromancy specialization gaining a 6D+1 skill in arcane/necromancy they gain 6 necromancy arcane spells of levels 0-6)

Starting characters spells known are not automatically in a book, they still must purchase a book and spell inks or programs. The amount known depends on attribute and skill.

Attribute Skill Spells available
1D 1D None
1D 1D+1 1 spell level 0-1
1D 1D+2 2 spells level 0-1
1D 2D 2 spells level 0-1, 2 spells level 0-2
1D 2D+1 2 spells level 0-1, 4 spells level 0-2
1D 2D+2 2 spells level 0-1, 6 spells level 0-2
1D 3D 2 spells level 0-1, 6 spells level 0-2, 3 spells level 0-3
2D 2D None
2D 2D+1 2 spells level 0-2
2D 2D+2 4 spells level 0-2
2D 3D 4 spells level 0-2, 3 spells level 0-3
2D 3D+1 4 spells level 0-2, 6 spells level 0-3
2D 3D+2 4 spells level 0-2, 9 spells level 0-3
2D 4D 4 spells level 0-2, 9 spells level 0-3, 4 spells level 0-4
3D 3D None
3D 3D+1 3 spells level 0-3
3D 3D+2 6 spells level 0-3
3D 4D 6 spells level 0-3, 4 spells level 0-4
3D 4D+1 6 spells level 0-3, 8 spells level 0-4
3D 4D+2 6 spells level 0-3, 12 spells level 0-4
3D 5D 6 spells level 0-3, 12 spells level 0-4, 5 spells level 5
4D 4D None
4D 4D+1 4 spells level 0-4
4D 4D+2 8 spells level 0-4
4D 5D 8 spells level 0-4, 5 spells level 0-5
4D 5D+1 8 spells level 0-4, 10 spells level 0-5
4D 5D+2 8 spells level 0-4, 15 spells level 0-5
4D 6D 8 spells level 0-4, 15 spells level 0-5, 6 spells level 0-6
5D 5D None
5D 5D+1 5 spells level 0-5
5D 5D+2 10 spells level 0-5
5D 6D 10 spells level 0-5, 6 spells level 0-6
5D 6D+1 10 spells level 0-5, 12 spells level 0-6
5D 6D+2 10 spells level 0-5, 18 spells level 0-6
5D 7D 10 spells level 0-5, 18 spells level 0-6, 7 spells level 0-7


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