Chemical Enhancements


While there all all sorts of drugs and many of them have nasty side effects one of the benefits of the Arcane Empire’s arrival on Earth is they brought their medical knowledge with them (a fact that destroyed Earth’s pharmaceutical industry – some companies survived, but they had to radically alter how they did business).

Many drugs are illegal on Earth still although narcotics seem to be of no real concern to the Arcane Empire (actually they seem to not care about anything that doesn’t impact the flow of tax money).

Debilitating drugs are available for 1 credit per dose (1D penalty to all attributes for 1 hour) These may not feel like debilitating effects to the user and include things like hallucinogenics, euphorics, and depressants.

Medicinal and Enhancement drugs are treated as potions, but the cost is reduced to SL x CL x 5 credits.

0 level (cl 1st): 2.5 credits
1st level (cl 1st): 5 credits
2nd level (cl 3rd): 30 credits
3rd level (cl 5th): 75 credits

Special orders may be available with higher level results. Not all potions are available as medicines/drugs, but the Arcane Empire makes little distinction between them.


As a general note Arcane Empire drugs don’t have side effects or physiological addiction properties (the desire to use more of the drug is no more intense for the character than it is for the player).

Arcane Empire Drugs don’t interact, so a character with enough money could boost multiple abilities at once, but taking more of the same drug won’t boost the ability any more. If a character has enhancements from other sources such as magic and cybernetics it should be noted bonuses won’t stack beyond 5.

Drugs are assumed to be injections and take effect 1 round after administered, they may also be purchased as Inhalants/powders/eyedrops (takes effect in 2 rounds), patches/creams/oils/lozenges (takes effect in 3 rounds), or pills/potions (takes effect in 5 rounds).

0 – Level (2.5 credits each or 25 credits for a bottle of 10)
Stabilizer: Injected into comatose creature it stops continuing damage and stabilizes them.
Purifier: Sprayed into/onto food and water removes all toxins, disease, and spoilage up to 1 cf (5 gallons).

1 – Level (5 credits each or 50 credits for a bottle of 10)
SpeeWalk: add 10 base move for 1 hour
Alpha Heal: cures 9 damage
Elemental Endurance: withstand high/low temperature for 24 hours
Remove Sickness: Nausea, food poisoning, hangover, common cold
Cheetah: add 30 move for 1 minute
Alpha Interrogation: Fortitude 8 or 4 damage every lie for 1 minute
Sleep Aid: 1 hour guaranteed sleep
Lucid Dreamer: control dreams if sleeping within an hour
Pain Relief: removes minor pain, bonus vs pain effects 1 hour
Visions: 1 hour pleasant hallucinations
Alertness: fully awake and alert for 2 hours
Designated Driver: Completely sober for 1 hour
Buzz: Happy drunk for 1 hour, no hangover
Leaper: bonus 5 to Acrobatics/Jumping for 1 minute

2 – Level (30 credits each or 300 credits for a bottle of 10)
Warlord: bonus 2 Dexterity for 3 minutes
Olympian: bonus 2 Strength for 3 minutes
Ace: bonus 2 Operation for 3 minutes
Adonis: bonus 2 Persuasion for 3 minutes
Brainiac: bonus 2 Knowledge for 3 minutes
Artist: bonus 2 Craft for 3 minutes
Calm: removes all strong emotions and fear
Beta Heal: restores 19 damage
Beta Interrogation: Fortitude 10 or 4 damage per lie for 3 minutes
Slow poison: Poison effect delayed 3 hours
Slow Disease: Illness effect delayed 3 hours
Painless: no pain or bloodied penalty for 3 hours
Movement Restoration: removes paralysis
Instant Recover: removes fatigue
Fireproof: Fire resistance 10 for 30 minutes
Shockproof: Electric resistance 10 for 30 minutes
Ice proof: Cold resistance 10 for 30 minutes
Soundproof: sonic resistance 10 for 30 minutes
Corrosion Proof: Acid Resistance 10 for 30 minutes
Infravision: Dark vision 60 ft for 3 hours
Tougher: bonus 5 toughness 3 hours

3 – Level (75 credits each or 750 credits for a bottle of 10)
Gamma Heal: cures 29 hit points
Gamma Interrogation: Fortitude 12 or 4 damage per lie for 5 minutes
Power Nap: sleep 2 hours, but get 8 hours of rest
Super-Biotic: Removes Disease
Hero: Bonus 2 to all skills for 50 minutes
Greyhound: bonus 20 move for 5 hours


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