High Tech Implants and Prosthetics


Replacement Parts:
Cybernetic limbs and organs are efficient though they offer no enhancements (1,000 credits to replace limb or organ; 200 to restore use to a damaged organ which wasn’t lost).

Resilient Eyes
Cybernetic eyes which prevent blindness (even from magical causes). 30,000 credits

Resilient Ears
Cybernetic ears that prevent deafness even by magic causes. 30,000 credits.

Dream Chip Recorder:
A dream chip recorder record all a persons senses on a standard chip (1 hour per chip) and most sold are made by editing multiple recordings together to make an interesting or exciting story (1,000 credits).

Skill Slot:
Skill chips fall under cybernetics, but are priced as slotted items instead of non-slotted because they require a chipslot to use (chipslot is 100-2,500 credits and a person can have more than one: 100 = lvl 1, 400 = lvl 2, 900 = lvl 3, 1,600 = lvl 4, and 2,500 = lvl 5 representing the highest bonus chip they can run). Dreamchips can be played in any level chipslot and cost anywhere from 10-50 credits depending on the popularity and last up to 1 hour (chips can be bought as a chip or downloaded to a datapad).

Cosmetic Surgery is 500 credits, but will allow any change covered by the diguise self spell as a permanent physical disguise which cannot be disbelieved, it may be illegal to make yourself look like someone else in certain areas but being sculpted to look like a past celebrity is common enough there are “poser” gangs who look like historical figures.

Cyber-disguise will allow any body change covered by the diguise self spell allowing a change in as little as 1 minute, it grants a 5 point bonus to Stealth/disguise. 4,000 Credits

Luminescent Art:
Having hair or tattoos which glow (like a glow stick or candle) is another popular option and even the eyes can be done (the “whites” glow and the irises and a chemical film shield the pupil from the glow). Every glow art area done (about a square foot of tattoo, a full head of hair, or both eyes count as one operation) costs 1,000 credits.

A popular form of armor in places where wearing full body coverings isn’t practical. Skinweave is relatively difficult to notice especially at the lower levels.

Skinweave AR Cost Awareness to notice
Very Light 1 2,000 CR 30
Light 2 8,000 CR 25
Medium 3 18,000 CR 20
Heavy 4 32,000 CR 15
Very Heavy 5 50,000 CR 10

Body Plating
Body plating is sub-dermal armor made of semi-flexible plating placed strategically in the recipient. It is less expensive, but easier to notice than skinweave. Body plating gives and AR of 4, costs 2,000 CR, and takes an awareness of 10 to notice visually, but only a 5 to notice by touch.

Implant Communicator
While communicators are very small and convenient and implant communicator is still popular as it can’t be dropped or forgotten and displays images on a retinal heads up display. They cost 200 credits.

Dermal Pocket
This is a small concealed pocket in the user’s abdomen which will hold a 1 lb object and look like only a small scar, awareness 25 to notice, 3,000 credits.

Re-breather Lungs
This lung implant allows the user to close off their breathing system and scrub the used air to separate the oxygen and reuse it effectively allowing them to continue breathing without air. It will protect from any inhaled gasses while in use, but won’t stop contact agents. 3,000 Credits.

Sealed System
Like the re-breather lungs the character can reprocess their own gasses, but this system goes further fully sealing the cells from airborn gasses and toxins as well as stabilizing pressure eliminating any penalties for high and low pressure as well as dangers of decompression. 56,000 Credits

Endo-skeletal Enhancement
This operation reinforces the skeleton, tendons and muscles with microfibers tripling the character’s encumbrance limit. 2,000 Credits.

Endo-Thermic Stabilizer
The Endo-thermic system protects the user from discomfort due to heat and cold, adjusting their body temperature to compensate and keep them comfortable in heat and cold from 140 heat to -50 cold. 1,000 Credits.

Frame Alteration
This invasive procedure permanently alters the recipients size to double or half the original. Attributes don’t change, but the subject becomes permanently 1 size category larger or smaller than they were originally. 4,000 Credits.

Corvette Cyberlegs
These enhanced legs give a bonus of 30 to land based move (the 30 is added at all speeds so human walking speed would double while running speed would increase 25%). 4,000 Credits.

This is a built in anti-grav parachute, it drops the user’s fall rate to 60 ft per round (6 mph) when active preventing damage from falling. 8,000 Credits.

A small but powerful grav unit installed in the recipient allows them to fly with a base speed of 40 (can get up to 20 mph). 90,000 credits.

All-Nighter Implant
When activated this implant overcomes the effects of lost sleep allowing the user to remain awake and alert as long as the system is active, when turned off they will suffer the effects of the lost sleep; although 18 hours of uninterrupted sleep will make up for any amount of activity. 2,000 Credits.

Sobriety Implant
This implant will prevent the effects of alcohol from taking effect while active allowing someone to drink socially without becoming impaired, but turn the system when they wish to become intoxicated. 2,000 Credits.

Lucid Dreamer Implant
This implant stimulates the brain as the user sleeps allowing them to recognize they are dreaming and control their own dreams. 2,000 Credits.

Drunk Implant
This implant simulates all the pleasurable effects of drunkenness when activated and all effects end with no hangover when it is turned off. 2,000 Credits.

Psychedelic Implant
This implant causes pleasant hallucinations when active and has no side effects when turned off. 2,000 Credits.

Pain Relief Implant
This implant doesn’t remove all pain, but lessens it making minor aches and pains easier to deal with and lessening the severity of other forms of pain (bonus of 2 to fortitude/pain saves) 2,000 Credits.

Pain Blocker
This is much more powerful version of the pain relief implant allowing the user to experience only the level of discomfort they designate and blocking all other pain. With this implant the user can ignore all pain checks and the bloodied penalties, although they still go comatose and die the same. 12,000 Credits.

Sleeper Implant
This biorhythm controller will put the user instantly into a restful sleep and awaken them at a predetermined time (it can also be set to wake them if a noise over a certain level is heard). 2,000 Credits.

Force Field Projector
When activated this implant field projector forms a tangible barrier which acts as light cover for the user (5 points harder to hit), it runs a minute on a light standard power cell and there is an accessible skin flap (usually on an arm or the abdomen) allowing two power cells to be carried (difficulty 20 awareness to spot). 4,000 Credits

This holoprojector is small and relatively weak, can’t be used to make real looking objects and range is about 1 foot. It is often palm or eye mounted. 1,000 credits.

This projects a freestanding hologram (usually from an eye or palm projector – awareness 20 to notice eye projector or 15 to notice palm projector). The hologram can be up to 10 feet in diameter and can be realistic (will save 8 to notice it’s fake unless touched) or entertaining. 8,000 Credits.

Retractable Fins
Feet can extend into flippers, if not wearing shoes the user gains a swimming speed of 30 and doesn’t need to make swim checks under normal circumstances, in an emergency they gain a bonus of 5 to Survival/swim checks. 4,000 Credits.

Athletic Conversion
The recipient’s body is enhanced to increase athletic prowess resulting in a bonus of 10 to base land movement (full movement enhancement so it increases a humans movement by 30% at all movement levels) as well as giving a bonus of 4 to acrobatics checks. 4,000 Credits.

Unaging Enhancement
This enhancement doesn’t stop the internal effects of aging, like worn bones and slowed reactions, but makes the user always appear to be the same age as chosen when the conversion was done so a ninety year old can look twenty still. 2,000 Credits.

Sonar Implant
Recipient gains blindsight in a 40 ft radius, but loses the ability when in vacuum or a silence spell. 84,000 Credits

Low Light Lenses
Eye implants that give the recipient low light vision. 6,000 Credits

Thermographic Lenses
Eye implants give darkvision 60 ft. 12,000 Credits

Enhancd Thermographic Lenses
Eye implants grant darkvision 120 ft. 56,000 Credits

X-Ray Vision Lenses
Allow recipient to see through 20 ft of organic material, 10 ft of stone, 10 inches of common metals, but is stopped by Gold, Lead, Mithril, and Adamantine. 50,000 credits.

Pyrex Shielding
Flash protection and cooling systems built into the skin and lungs allow the enhanced character to survive exposure to extreme heat and even shrug off laser fire.

Grade Fire Resistance Cost
Alpha 10 18,000
Beta 20 42,000
Delta 30 66,000

Superconductive Fibers
The character’s skin is woven with superconductive materials that shunt electricity, including blaster fire, away from the character’s body.

Grade Electricity Resistance Cost
Alpha 10 18,000
Beta 20 42,000
Delta 30 66,000

Colligative Enhancement
The user’s cells and body liquids take on a solution of anti-freezing agents maintained by the cybenetic implant in the torso resulting in the ability to endure even sudden flashes of cold like those of a freeze ray or being splashed with liquid nitrogen.

Grade Cold Resistance Cost
Alpha 10 18,000
Beta 20 42,000
Delta 30 66,000

Resonance Inhibitors
The structure of the recipients body is modified to allow even extreme sound waves to pass through without causing harm making them highly resistant to sonic weapons and deafness from loud noises (can still be magically deafened).

Grade Sonic Resistance Cost
Alpha 10 18,000
Beta 20 42,000
Delta 30 66,000

Hydrolysis Inhibitors
An implant that causes the recipients cells to be protected from corrosives whether acids or bases. This includes the corrosives in most chemical weapon grenades, but not poisons like nerve gas.

Grade Acid Resistance Cost
Alpha 10 18,000
Beta 20 42,000
Delta 30 66,000

Muscle and Bone Lacing
Microfibers reinforce bones, muscles, and tendons giving a bonus to Strength and all strength skills.

Class Strength Bonus Price
Alpha 1 2,000
Beta 2 8,000
Gamma 3 18,000
Delta 4 32,000
Omega 5 50,000

Wire Reflexes
Nerves are enhanced with superconductive wires and signal strength from brain and muscles are enhanced to give faster and more coordinated reactions causing an overall increase in Dexterity.

Class Dexterity Bonus Price
Alpha 1 2,000
Beta 2 8,000
Gamma 3 18,000
Delta 4 32,000
Omega 5 50,000

Orientation and Sensory Processing Enhancement (OSP)
Ability to withstand G-forces, sense of body location, and overall coordination is enhanced giving a bonus to Operation attribute.

Class Operation Bonus Price
Alpha 1 2,000
Beta 2 8,000
Gamma 3 18,000
Delta 4 32,000
Omega 5 50,000

A pool of nanites race through the recipients system attempting to instantly repair any damage. As a result the recipient heals much faster than normal.

Nanite Grade Healing Rate Cost
Alpha 1 hit/hour 2,400
Beta 1 hit/10 minutes 7,200
Gamma 1 hit/minute 36,000
Delta 1 hit/round 180,000
Omega 2 hits/round 224,000

Spell Buffer
An implant stores up to 3 levels of spells (3 0-1st, 1 0-1st and 1 2nd, or 1 3rd), which may be released by the recipient at any later time, but then must be replenished by a willing spell caster (can be the recipient or someone else). 36,000 credits.

Full Borg Conversion
This extreme process converts the recipient into a machine with a human brain. The powerful combat chassis is made purely for warfare and grants a bonus of 5 to Dexterity and Strength, darkvision 60 ft, blindsense 30 ft, low light vision, a movement increase of 10, an AR rating of 14 (as if wearing heavy armor+5), unarmed damage becomes 9 base and can be bludgeon, piercing, or slashing using a variety of powered body weapons and the body also incorporates a medium fully automatic extended range energy cannon (16 damage, 120/360/1,200 range – usually electricity type). The body doesn’t require food or air and can survive in vacuum or pressures up to 500 ft depths and is immune to pain, poison, disease, and becomes damaged instead of bloodied (1/2 move, but not skills), but does require energy using the power of a heavy cell – 1,000 kwh – every week; the body comes with 2 internally mounted heavy cells usually using 1 for the gun and 1 for the body;it has external power ports for recharging or carrying an energy back pack. Hooked up to a generator supply it needs 6 KW continuous to run when active (sleep mode uses only 1/10 the power). Full borgs lose the ability to use magic (arcane or divine) although they can still benefit from magic items. 750,000 Credits (most cost more due to additional features being added). For 6,000 credits extra a full borg can be fitted with a perpetual power cell preventing it from running out of power and giving it unlimited use of the on board gun.


General Cost (at lowest level possible)
Cybernetics in Arcane Empire may be magic and technological both, meaning a wide variety of possibilities exist for them. The charts below provide a guideline for converting spell effects to implants.

Spell Level Rounds Minutes 10s of Minutes Hours Days
0 4,000 2,000 1,500 1,000 500
1 8,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000
2 48,000 24,000 18,000 12,000 6,000
3 120,000 60,000 45,000 30,000 15,000
4 224,000 112,000 84,000 56,000 28,000
5 360,000 180,000 135,000 90,000 45,000
6 528,000 264,000 198,000 132,000 66,000
7 728,000 364,000 273,000 182,000 91,000
8 960,000 480,000 360,000 240,000 120,000
9 1,224,000 612,000 408,000 306,000 153,000
Bonus Attribute Skill Specialization
1 2,000 200 100
2 8,000 800 400
3 18,000 1,800 900
4 32,000 3,200 1,600
5 50,000 5,000 2,500


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