Vehicles: Citroen Auto Manufacturing

Budget Vehicle Producer


While they might consider themselves a broad spectrum company with luxury and performance vehicles the majority of their market continues to rely on producing generic bargain vehicles for those who only concerned with price.

Mussorny Aist (pictured)
One of the most popular Citroen vehicles this is an aerodyne version of their classic Type-H vans. It’s selling points are being simple and cheap with little in the way of amenities or power.
Type: Generic Bargain Aerodyne Van
Cost: 38,500
Move: 200
AR: 7
Hits: 30/60/90
Seats: 11
Cargo: 20 cf

Mussorny Tokatel
This is the cargo version of the Aist, slightly cheaper as it lacks seats.
Cost: 38,000
Move: 200
AR: 7
Hits: 30/60/90
Seats: 3
Cargo: 160 cf

High Altitude Flight
Under 1,000 ft: 100 mph
1,000-9,000 ft: 200 mph
10,000-50,000 ft: 400 mph


Vehicles: Citroen Auto Manufacturing

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