Battlemechs: Imperial Defender

Air Defense Walker


Built on the chassis of the ubiquitous Tomahawk the Defender ADR-04-mk X has been copied many times over the years, though not as much as the Tomahawk has. It was built to provide mobile air defense and is considered too expensive to operate by many leading to a popular variant using energy cannons instead of autocannon.

Style: Generic Heavy Walker
Size: Gargantuan
AR: 20 base/25 Enchanted
Shields: -10 to hit with perpetual power
HP: 70/140/210
Lifting: 23D+1
Move: 45
Range: Unlimited with Perpetual Power
Frame Cost: 1,687,000 ($8,435,000)

4 Huge Autocannon (Full Auto/Long Range/Distance/Blast Ammo-1600 rounds): 254,000
Damage: 30 fire, 20 ft radius, Reflexes 12 for 1/2, Range: 200/600/2000, RoF: 10/40, Ammo: 400/1600 (240,000 to reload)

Spotlight/IR Spotlight (240 ft/ double darkvision): 145
Holocommunications Suite: 800
Nightvision: 1,000
Basic Survival Kit: 400
Full Life Support: 60,000
Emergency Repair (30 hp, 5/day): 90,000
Darkvision 60 ft (120ft with IR spotlight): 12,000
Long Range Sensors (1200 ft Locate Object): 160,000

Total Cost: 2,265,345 credits ($11,326,725)


Battlemechs: Imperial Defender

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