Walking Combat Machines


Mechs and Tanks are treated as Trucks, but allowed to add more than 1 level of exceptional structure. Once HP reaches 70/140/210 size is Gargantuan instead of Huge, when HP reaches 105/210/315 size is Colossal.

Type Cost Move AR HP Size
Ultralight Mech/Tank 24,000 45 14 40/80/120 Huge
Light Mech/Tank 96,000 45 16 50/100/150 Huge
Medium Mech/Tank 384,000 45 18 60/120/180 Huge
Heavy Mech/Tank 1,536,000 45 20 70/140/210 Gargantuan
Assault Mech/Tank 6,152,000 45 22 80/160/240 Gargantuan

Mechs and tanks are too heavy to operate on a wheeled chassis, but could be made as ships or grav-tanks (Ships are the same cost, but 2/3 the speed).

Type Cost Move AR HP Size
Ultralight Hovertank 164,000 150 14 40/80/120 Huge
Light Hovertank 656,000 150 16 50/100/150 Huge
Medium Hovertank 2,624,000 150 18 60/120/180 Huge
Heavy Hovertank 10,496,000 150 20 70/140/210 Gargantuan
Assault Hovertank 41,984,000 150 22 80/160/240 Gargantuan

Full gravtanks can operate in space and have life support, can also be used for starships.

Type Cost Move AR HP Size
Ultralight Gravtank 3,264,000 300 14 40/80/120 Huge
Light Gravtank 13,056,000 300 16 50/100/150 Huge
Medium Gravtank 52,224,000 300 18 60/120/180 Huge
Heavy Gravtank 208,896,000 300 20 70/140/210 Gargantuan
Assault Gravtank 835,584,000 300 22 80/160/240 Gargantuan

Weapon Mounts:

Ram is a simple melee weapon of the vehicle’s size

Main turrets/cannons are the same size as the vehicle and cost double the weapon’s base price (includes mounting, targeting, and loading equipment).

Secondary guns are normally a size category smaller than the vehicle.

A fixed mount gun can be one size larger than the vehicle, but the vehicle must be turned to aim (A-10 Warthog and most mobile artillery).

Mechs may use melee weapons or hand held cannons up to their size without mounting equipment.

Missile systems can be external hard points and racks or internal launchers. Hard points are 1,000 credits each. Internal Launchers need 2 cf per medium missile or 20 cf per heavy missile and cost 1,000 credits per missile regardless of missile size. 5 light missiles can fit in a 1 CF launcher. Huge Mechs can have up to 160 CF of launchers, gargantuan mechs can have up to 240 CF of launchers. A hardpoint can hold 1 heavy missile, 3 medium missiles, or a pod of 10 light missiles.

Light Mech with 1 Move Upgrade Hybrid with Light Hovertank (fighter) with 6 speed upgrades.

Type Cost Move AR HP Size
Light Veritech 835,776,000 60/900 16 50/100/150 Huge

A typical veritech mounts 2 full auto large weapons in the nose of the fighter form and 2 full auto medium weapons in the head of the mech form, with 7 hardpoints (typically 6 heavy missiles and a huge gun pod).

Due to the high initial cost almost all mechs and tanks are enchanted (minimal enchantments are perpetual energy and armor enhancement 5, some add energy resistance 30 for electric/fire, spell storing, weapon enhancements, rapid repair, and detection spells to overcome invisibility and/or illusions).


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