Battlemech: Tusfuturus D76

Primary Assault Mech


While many only consider the D76 a medium mech it was designed as a heavy fighting vehicle and is still the mainstay of Tusfuturus production. A simple design it packs a single heavy Plasma cannon and two shoulder boxes of medium missiles.

Style: Generic Heavy Mech, Walker
Size: Gargantuan
AR: 20
HP: 70/140/210
Lifting: 23D+1
Move: 45
Frame Cost: 1,536,000

Gargantuan Plasma Cannon Arm/Long Range/Full Auto/2 heavy pack: 62,000
Damage: 48 fire, Range: 120/360/1200, RoF 10, Ammo: 416 (2,000 to reload)

2 × 4 shot medium missile launcher (800 empty/48,800 blast missiles)
Damage: 120 fire to 30 ft radius, reflexes 20 for 1/2, 100/300/1000 (48,000 to reload)

Standard Cost: 1,596,800 empty/1,646,800 loaded ($7,984,000/$8,234,000)


Common Options:
Perpetual Power for Mech: 3,000 cr
Perpetual power for Gun: 3,000 cr and 1/2 ammo capacity in non-magic area
Enhanced Armor 5 (AR-25): 25,000 cr
Environmental Controls: 1,000 cr
Fire Resistance 30: 66,000

Battlemech: Tusfuturus D76

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