Battlemech: Tung Mark II

Hobgoblin Light Mech


Tung is markets specifically to hobgoblin nations, but can be found in other markets as well. It uses conventional guns and missiles with 2 turret cannons, 2 machineguns, and 2 ten shot box launchers for light missiles.

Style: Light Mech, Walker
Size: Huge
AR: 16
HP: 50/100/150
Lifting: 16D+2
Frame Cost: 96,000 credits

2 Huge Autocannon turret/Long range/Full auto/100 rounds each: 8,000 loaded
Damage 24 piercing, rng 100/300/1000, Rof 10/20, ammo: 100/200 (2,000 to reload all)
Can single load explosive heads from inside turret, damage and cost as light missiles.

2 Medium machineguns/full auto/300 rounds each: 2,000 loaded
Damage: 12 piercing, Rng 50/150/500, RoF 10/20, ammo 300/600 (1,200 to reload all)

2 × 10 light missile launchers: 2,000 empty/32,000 loaded with blast missiles
Damage: 60 fire in 20 ft radius, reflexes 12 for 1/2, 80/240/800 (30,000 to reload)

Total Cost: 114,800 empty/138,000 loaded ($574,000/$690,000)


Battlemech: Tung Mark II

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