Battlemech: Tung Mark I

Goblin Battlemech


Tung makes this unltralight mech for goblins or any other small species with a desire for lots of option on the battlefield. In spite of the racial enmity this design is popular with some gnome bands as well. It packs a huge turret gun with 4 mounts coaxial including a large gatling, medium twin machineguns, a flamethrower, and a ten shot missile box giving a wide variety of firepower options.

Style: Generic Ultralight Mech, Walker
Size: Huge
AR: 14
HP: 70/140/210
Lifting: 13D+1
Move: 45
Frame Cost: 24,000

Turret Cannon/Huge/Long range/single fire/100 rounds: 2,500 loaded
Damage: 24 piercing, Range: 100/300/1000, RoF 5, Ammo 100 (Reload 1,000)
Can use explosive warheads same cost and effect as light missiles/bombs

Gatling Gun/Large/Long Range/3 barrel/300 rounds: 2,400 loaded
Damage: 18 piercing, Range: 100/300/1000, RoF 15, Ammo 300 (1,200 to reload)

Twin Machine Gun/Medium/Long Range/Full Auto/400 rounds: 2,000 loaded
Damage: 12 piercing, Range 100/300/1000, RoF 10/20, Ammo 200/400 (800 to reload)

Flamer/Large Energy-Fire/Heavy Energy Pack: 5,000 loaded
Damage: 24/12/6 fire, Range 6×5/18×10/60×20, Rof 5, Ammo 83 (1,000 to reload)

10 shot missile box: 1,000 empty/16,000 loaded with blast
Damage 60 fire in 20ft radius, reflexes 12 for 1/2, 80/240/800 (15,000 to reload)

Total Cost: 27,900 unloaded/46,900 loaded ($139,500/$234,500)


Battlemech: Tung Mark I

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