Battlemech: Rickian Mark 2

Ultralight Mech


The Rickian Mark 2 was marketed as a police/civil response mech where the likelyhood of facing heavy armor was less, but a strong presence was desired to deter resistance. An Ultralight frame it has 8 light missile tubes built in and normally comes with a huge assault cannon.

Style: Generic ultralight mech, walker
Size: Huge
AR: 14
HP: 40/80/120
Lifting: 13D+1
Move: 45
Frame Cost: 24,000

8 light missile tubes: 800 unloaded/12,800 loaded with blast
Damage: 60 fire to 20 ft radius, reflexes 12 for 1/2, 80/240/800 (12,000 to reload)

Huge Autocannon/Long Range/Full Auto/200 rounds: 5,000 loaded
Damage: 24, Range: 100/300/1000, RoF: 10, Ammo: 200 (reload is 2,000)

Total: 24,800 empty without gun/41,800 fully loaded ($124,000/$209,000)


Battlemech: Rickian Mark 2

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