Battlemech: Mussorny Grey Death

Bargain Battlemech


The Mussorny Grey Death started life as a work drone design (Mussorny Industrial Labor Vehicle), but was pressed into service as a war machine and since then Mussorny has added armor and a basic weapon package while keeping the cost low. In an attempt to keep costs down it is armed with single-mount grenades rather than a missile system, but id does pack a six barrel gatling gun for some good anti-infantry firepower. Overall the mech is considered a deathtrap on the battlefield being big enough to attract firepower it can’t handle, but even so it is a big seller for the Mussorny (Citreon) brand and can be seen in numbers among nearly all humanoid independent armies.

Style: Ultralight Mech, Non-Exceptional, Bargain, Walker
Size: Huge
AR: 12
HP: 30/60/90
Lifting: 10D
Move: 30
Frame Cost: 9,000

Gatling Gun/Large 6 barrel/long range/300 rounds: 3,300 loaded
Damage: 18 piercing, Range: 100/300/1000, RoF: 30, Ammo: 300 (Reload 1200)

10 Singleshot grenade tubes: 1,000/2,500 loaded (usually fire or concussion)
Damage: 30 (varies) in 20 ft radius, reflexes 12 for 1/2, Range 10/30/100 (1,500 reload)

Total Cost: 12,100 empty/14,800 loaded ($60,500/$74,000)


If using hand-held melee weapons the lifting score gives 10 bonus damage, it can use huge weapons 1 handed and gargantuan weapons 2 handed.

Huge Vibro-Axe: 500 credits (24+10/34 slash damage)
Gargantuan Vibro-Axe: 1,000 credits (36+10/46 slash damage)

Huge Mace: 50 credits (16+10/26 bludgeon damage)
Gargantuan Mace: 100 credits (24+10/34 bludgeon damage)

Battlemech: Mussorny Grey Death

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