Battlemech: Forager X-500

Light Battlemech


Forager is a light mech set up as a scout/explorer. The armament is twin blasters in a belly turret and 16 medium missiles.

Style: Name Brand Light Mech, fast walker
Size: Huge
AR: 16
HP: 50/100/150
Lifting: 16D+2
Move: 60
Range: Perpetual Power
Frame Cost: 387,000

Twin Large energy cannon/Electric/Full Auto/Perpetual: 22,000
Damage: 12 electric, Range 60/180/600, RoF 10/20

16 Medium Missile Tubes: 1,600 empty/97,600 loaded with blast
Damage: 120 fire to 30ft radius, reflexes 20 for 1/2, 100/300/1000: 96,000 to reload

Extra Systems:
Low Light Vision System: 1,000
Darkvision 60 ft (120ft with IR spotlight): 12,100
Standard Spotlight (240ft/480ft with low light): 40
Built in Communicator with holo display: 600
Full Life Support: 60,000
Environmental Controls: 1,000

Total Cost: 483,740 without missiles or launchers/581,340 fully loaded ($2,418,700/$2,906,700)


Battlemech: Forager X-500

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