Battlemech: Catapult

Gargantuan Artillery Mech


The catapult is a heavy artillery mech equipped with jump capability for extra maneuvering options. In addition to carrying 30 missiles it has 4 laser cannons fixed forward for some defensive punch.

Style: Generic Gargantuan Mech, Walk Fast and Jump.
Size: Gargantuan
AR: 23/28 Enchanted
HP: 85/170/255
Lifting: 28D+1
Move: 60 (Jump 150 ft)
Range: Perpetual
Frame Cost: 108,604,000

4 Huge Energy Cannon/Long Range/Full Auto/Perpetual: 132,000
Damage: 32 fire, Range 120/360/1200, RoF: 10/40

30 Medium Missile Tubes: 3,000 empty/183,000 loaded blast
Damage: 120 fire to 30 ft radius, reflexes 20 for 1/2, 100/300/1000 (180,000 to reload)

Full Life Support: 60,000

Total Cost: 108,739,000 empty/108,919,000 loaded ($543,695,000/$544,595,000)


Battlemech: Catapult

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