Battlemech: Atlas

Colossal Mech


The Atlas is huge, and heavily armored but the original configuration was rather poorly armed. Variations with different weapons loads have been tried to make it more efficient. Upgraded or not it is an intimidating presence on any battlefield.

Style: Generic Colossal Mech, Walker
Size: Colossal
AR: 30/35 Enchanted
HP: 120/240/360
Lifting: 40D
Move: 45
Range: Perpetual
Frame Cost: 1,574,940,000

Colossal Cannon/Long Range/100 shells/Distance: 14,000
Damage: 54 piercing, Range: 200/600/2000, RoF: 5, Ammo: 100 (reload 4,000)
Can load heavy warheads (cost and effect as heavy bombs)

4 Gargantuan Energy Cannon/Long Range/Perpetual: 66,000
Damage: 48 electric, Range: 120/360/1200, RoF: 5/20, Ammo: unlimited

5 Tube Medium Missile Launcher with 4 reloads: 500 empty/150,500 blast
Damage: 120 Fire to 30 ft radius, Reflexes 20 for 1/2, 100/300/1000 (Reload 150,000)

Full Life Support: 60,000

Total Cost: 1,575,230,500 ($7,576,152,500)


Battlemech: Atlas

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