Protective Gear


Armor for characters weighs 1 pound per Die of the Strength Attribute for each point of Armor Rating. Armor costs 10 Credits per pound of weight for generic armors. Armor is listed as generic, but can be acquired in higher styles (x2 cost for Brand Name, x3 for Luxury, x5 for Exotic).

Armor Rating 1 can be thin enough to look like cotton cloth.
Armor Rating 2 can look like denim or a light jacket.
Armor Rating 3 can look like leather or a heavy jacket.

Armor Rating 4-6 looks like armor but may be relatively soft and padded designs.

Armor Rating 7-9 Looks like Heavily plated armor.


Powered Armor is a vehicle and is operated as a ground vehicle/walker. Power Armor is found in the robots section.

Force fields are the ultimate in personal protection projecting an energy field out to act as cover for the character using it although due to design limitations a standard force field only provides light cover (making character 5 points more difficult to hit than if they were standing in the open).

A standard force field projector can be worn as a belt pack (1 lb), and will run for a minute on a standard energy-cell and has slots for 2 cells. They cost 4,000 Credits standard, but may be hard to find on primitive worlds.


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