Beings from other worlds or dimensions


Humans aren’t the only intelligent species in the galaxy. In general humans are quite common, although many originated on planets other than Earth. The Empire is ruled by Arcane (Grays), who have an innate knack with both magic and technology, but there are also species like those from classic fantasy and science fiction (any and all species or some equivalent may be found as there are millions of species).

As NPC encounters or monsters all the GM needs to know are the species, or specific member’s, motivations and skills and abilities that will come up in the encounter.

For species that will be available for player characters there should be some additional information on language, culture, planet(s) of origin, species variations, and if they have specialized attribute ranges or other special abilities.

Unless chosen in the species design all species have human range attributes (2D-4D) and no special abilities. Size can be Small, Medium, or Large (there are more sizes, but they tend to be problematic in groups, so while a GM can allow them they aren’t recommended). Large creatures can use larger weapons but armor and clothing have twice the cost and weight while they are considered to have 1 less level of cover and concealment in any situation other than total. Small creatures pay only half as much for clothing and armor which also weighs half as much and are treated as having 1 level more cover/concealment than a medium creature in any situation but none, but have a base move of 20 ft, and are limited to smaller weapons.

Special Abilities:

Skill Specialization (1 pt) – no difference in cost but shared by all members of species.

Specialized Attributes (5 pt) – one attribute has a 3D/5D range and one has a 1D/3D range.

Low Light Vision (1 pt) – treat low light as normal light and darkness as low light, no help in total darkness though.

Darkvision – See in total darkness, cost by distance: 30 ft (2 pt), 60 ft (3 pt), 90 ft (4 pt), 120 ft (5 pt).

Natural Armor – thick hide, rigid plates, or exoskeleton provides armor; Cost is AR granted up to 5 AR for 5 points (natural armor has no encumbrance).

Amphibious (1 pt) – can breathe equally well in water and air.

Natural Swimmer (1 pt) – can swim at normal land movement rate (20 ft for small, 30 ft for medium or large).

Natural Flight (5 pt) – can fly at move 30 ft base (regardless of size).

Fast Movement – one movement type (land if no new types taken) is faster, cost by amount of increase: 10 ft (1 pt), 20 ft (2 pt), 30 ft (3 pt), 40 ft (4 pt), 50 ft (5 pt).

Natural Weapon – claws, teeth, horns, or other weapon does lethal damage, cost varies by size/amount; small – 2 base damage (1 pt), medium – 4 base damage (2 pt), large – 6 base damage (3 pt)

Ferocious – character doesn’t take penalties for bloodied (5 pt)

Other Abilities
If a power isn’t represented above it can still be taken; to make the power figure the cost to make it as a non-slotted magic item and divide the cost by 1,000 (round up) to calculate how many points the ability would cost.



Arcane (Gray): 15 points
DEX 1D/3D, KNO 3D/5D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 2D/4D, STR 1D/3D, CRA 3D/5D
No Points: Advanced Technology, Dominant Species in Empire
Standard Arcane have Specialized Attributes Kno/Dex and Cra/Str (10 points), and cannot be attacked by Legionnaires (considered a 5 point advantage).

Arcane developed an advanced understanding of magic and technology blending the two to dominate their home system and then spread beyond using their advanced technology and magic to dominate other systems. Arcane see themselves not only as the only logical choice to rule, but also as benefactors to the less intelligent savages throughout the universe and realms beyond our universe. They prefer to use minions and devices to do the actual fighting as they are well aware of the fragile nature of their natural bodies, but many enhance their bodies as well often becoming liches. Most Arcane are followers of The Divine Truth, a simple religion that reinforces their belief that all other species should be subservient to them and thankful for their benevolent guidance.

Leyan (Elf): 10 Points
DEX 3D/5D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 2D/4D, STR 1D/3D, CRA 2D/4D
No Points: Near Human Looks, Long Life Span
Standard Leyans have Specialized Attributes: Dex/Str (5 pt), Low Light Vision (1 pt), Specializations: Melee/Sword, Projectiles/Bow, Stealth/Hide, Willpower/Enchantment (4 pt)

Rawdian (Dwarf): 10 Points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 1D/3D, STR 3D/5D, CRA 2D/4D
No Points: Slow (20 ft), but no Move penalties for encumbrance (other penalties remain)
Standard Rawdians have Specialized Attributes (Str/Per), Darkvision 60 ft (3 pt), Specializations: Fortitude/Poison, Build and Repair/Stonework (2 pt)

The Planet Nev is home to the Leyans and Rawdians who have been at war with each other as far back as their history goes. When the Empire arrived the two species were still in the iron age, but over time they have adapted to modern technology and taken to traveling the stars. They can be found all throughout the galaxy and while they sometimes work together the many centuries of hate and distrust often surface when dealing with the other species from their homeworld.

Flan (Halfling): 10 points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 3D/5D, PER 2D/4D, STR 1D/3D, CRA 2D/4D
No Points: Small (move 20, 1/2 cost for clothes and armor)
Standard Flans have Specialized Attributes (Ope/Str), Low Light Vision (1 pt),
Specializations: Stealth/Hide, Stealth/Sneak, Awareness/Vision, Awareness/Hearing

The Flans are known as hobbits and halflings to many and often live in meadows. They tend to be gregarious, but have the ability to move easily without detection as well as keen senses, but their small size makes them weaker than humans on average.

Ongan (Gnome): 10 points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 1D/3D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 2D/4D, STR 2D/4D, CRA 3D/5D
No Points: Small (move 20, 1/2 cost for clothing and armor)
Standard Ongan have Specialized Attributes (Cra/Kno) being naturally artistic and curious but not well disciplined. Low Light Vision (1 pt), Specializations: Arcane Arts/Illusion, Willpower/Resist Illusion, Harvest and Mine/Mining, Creative Arts/Gemcutting

Ongan tend to be curious and undisciplined with a natural knack for illusion and a reputation for practical jokes. They tend to get along well with others, but can be considered trying at times. Their talent with magic and aptitude for art and engineering can lead to them becoming excellent designers.

Cushan (Orc): 15 points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 1D/3D, STR 3D/5D, CRA 2D/4D
Standard Cushan have the following: Specialized Attributes (Str/Per), Ferocious, Darkvision 60 ft, Specializations: Willpower/Resist Fear, Command/Intimidation

Cushan are brutal humanoids who have a society based upon toughness and acquisition through violence. Those who have settled on Earth and other planets frequently form violent gangs, but they are favored as cannon fodder troops and enforcers due to their reputation for ferocity and lack of empathy for the pain and suffering they cause.

Medan (Goblin): 10 points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 3D/5D, PER 1D/3D, STR 2D/4D, CRA 2D/4D
No Cost: Small (1/2 cost for clothing and armor)
Standard Medan have Specializaed Attributes (Ope/Per), Darkvision (60 ft) Fast Movement (30 ft even though small), and Specialization: Stealth/Sneak

Medan are small but fast. They are deceptively strong and while they have a reputation for cowardice they are more likely to retreat from a foe in an attempt to lure them into a trap or ambush. Medan rarely work alone and are frequent in gangs and criminal organizations.

Mediar (Hobgoblin): 10 Points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 2D/4D, STR 2D/4D, CRA 2D/4D
Standard Mediar have Darkvision (60ft), Specialization: Stealth/Hide, Stealth/Sneak, Willpower/Resist Fear, Awareness/Vision, Command/Intimidation, Melee/Blades, and Acrobatics/Climbing.

Mediar are fierce warriors, although in many ways they are more like humans than most species. Related to the Oni, a type of prime material demon, the Mediar are equally at ease working alone or in large armies. They tend to do best when commanding other goblinoids (Medan, Mediar, and Medock).

Medock (Bugbear): 10 points
DEX 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 1D/3D, STR 3D/5D, CRA 2D/4D
Standard Medock have the following: Specialized Attributes (Str/Per), Darkvision 60 ft, Specializations: Stealth/Hide, Stealth/Sneak

Medock are large somewhat more brutal goblinoids. Medock are surprisingly stealthy for their size and make great ambushers. They are frequently found in gangs and organizaed crime, especially those that already have goblinoid members.

Drizian (Lizard Man): 10 points
DEX: 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 1D/3D, STR 3D/5D, CRA: 2D/4D
Standard Drizian have Specialized Attributes (Str/Per), Low Light Vision, Natural Swimmer (move 30), Natural Armor (AR 2) and Natural Weapons (Base Damage 2).

Drizian are a semi-aquatic species (can’t breathe water), often associated with swamps and slow moving rivers. The scaly hide provides some natural protection and sharp claws and teeth ensure they are never unarmed.

Shirg (Ogre): 10 points
DEX: 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 1D/3D, STR 3D/5D, CRA: 2D/4D
No Points: Large Size (Can use bigger weapons, armor costs double)
Standard Shirg have Large Size, Specialized Attributes (Str/Per – 5 pt), Lowlight Vision (1 pt), Darkvision 60 ft (3 pt) Base Move 40 ft (1 pt), Natural Armor 5 (5 pt).

Shirg are big brutes and often thought of as pure primitive ferocity, with barbaric tribes wielding giant clubs dominating the image, although even before the Empire arrived some lived in iron age cities. Shirg are often preferred as front line troops due to their natural toughness and ability to wield larger weapons without the assistance of power armor. Many are found in private security, organized crime, and even police forces (although their lack of social graces tend to keep them in more brutal police agencies).

Commutian (Doppleganer): 55 points
DEX: 2D/4D, KNO 2D/4D, OPE 2D/4D, PER 2D/4D, STR 2D/4D, CRA: 2D/4D
Commutians have the following abilities Alter Self as spell continuous (add 5 to stealth/disguise and 1 to STR when medium and 1 to DEX when small, darkvision 60 ft if form had it, lowlight vision if form had it, swim speed 30 if form had it): 24 pt, Detect thoughts continuous: 24 pt, Natural Armor 4, Large Claws: base damage 6.

Commutian are powerful spies feared in any area they are suspected to be operating. They have the ability to mimic specific members of any humanoid species and their mind reading ability allows them to feign knowledge they don’t have. Many become assassins and spies, but others have become performers or concubines to powerful individuals.


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