Organization: Conradh na Éireann

Irish League Mercenary Company


Conradh na Éireann is a mercenary outfit made up of primarily Irish Catholic members who served in the Legion immediately after Earth was conquered. After their service was up they stuck together but wanted a unit name that represented the predominantly Irish identity of the group.

The name is Gaelic for Irish League. Their symbol is a simplified Irish cross on a navy blue background (to distinguish them from all the green irish groups), with the worsd Veratas Aequitas (latin for truth and justice, inspired by Boondock Saints) around the cross (may or may not have the company name across the middle of the cross).

In their first year as mercenaries the team completed over 25 million credits in contracts and purchased a small office in San Diego. They have strong tie to Barovia as well and have invested in rebuilding the small primitive village.

The team makes extensive use of magic and when not pursuing major contracts the members take on smaller individual jobs out of the office as well.


Organization: Conradh na Éireann

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