Location: Crossroads

Dimensional Crossroads Bar


The Crossroads is a busy place with dozens of doors but no windows. The bottom floor has live music and a rough looking crowd made up of bikers, cowboys, soldiers, and farmers who drink hard and are ready to brawl at the slightest insult. The second floor is still lively but dominated by club girls and lounge lizards focused more on dancing than drinking and brawling. The third floor calms down some with some subdued gambling, easy lounging surfaces, and dinner tables favored by businessmen and those just looking to relax. The fourth floor is the most serene setting making it more of a cigar lounge with relaxing leather chairs, shelves of books, artwork, and an indoor koi pond where the wealthy and elite can gather peacefully. There is nothing stopping a loud punk from moving up to the top floor, but there tends to be little of interest to them there and there is the rumor that the owner might transform rude guests into fish which are added to the pool. The staff on all levels wear tuxedos, with only the performers on stage not wearing full length pants. There are elevators and side stairways leading up, but the central staircase coiled around a ten foot diameter fish tank that opens into the pond on the fourth floor is the most popular. The lighting is generally low, brightest on the third floor, darkest on the second and the band changes frequently, but is always live. The staff carry handguns under their tuxedos, and are rumored to be well versed in magic as well.


Prices and quality of refreshments increase with the level, although if requested any drink can be had on any level with a short wait and the same is true of the food.

At the lower end wine and beer are 1/4 credit ($1.25) while a soda is 1/10 ($0.50), or water is free. The highest end drinks are 10 credits a glass ($50).

Food runs the range from free chips and nuts, 1/4 credit hot snacks ($1.25), 1 credit meal of simple bar food ($5), 5 credit nice family style meal ($25), and 10 to 50 credits for an elaborate meal of exotic ingredients depending on how exotic ($50-$250).

Cigarettes are 1 credit a pack ($5) for normal types up to 5 credits for exotic ($25) while cigars run about the same range per individual cigar and top end cigars are hand rolled to order by cigar girls on the fourth floor for customers who want a freshly prepared one.

The booths in the bar are used as meeting places for informal deals and are popular with smugglers and mercenaries who want to operate outside the official channels.

The bar is mildly positive aligned meaning characters gain fast healing 2 while in the bar, but undead suffer damage. It also has enhanced timeless magic so spells cast in the bar won’t expire while in the bar and are treated as 2 caster levels higher (also popular for making deals as a variety of defensive spells can be stacked before meeting with a potential business partner).

While most of the staff are normal with a few magic enhancements there are also archon (up to trumpet level) disguised among the staff who can give troublemakers an unwelcome surprise.

The doors entering the bar come in a different levels based upon the neighborhoods/locations; generic/lower income entries come in on the first floor, Name Brand/Club Chic grade enter on the second floor, Luxury/Corporate areas enter on the third floor, and exotic/high fashion areas enter on the fourth floor.

Location: Crossroads

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