Arcane Empire II

Part 6: In Search of The Orb 1 (October - 1)

Descent into Elemental Evil

Coming off a lower paying mission characters hear there is a high paying contract available and it is near a familiar location. Thirty miles outside Barovia there is rumored to be an abandoned temple where a powerful set of artifacts were secured, a golden orb and four gems. A collector has gathered information on the location, but would rather pay someone else to retrieve the treasures than venture off planet themselves They are offering 1 million credits each for the five artifacts, a total of 5 million credits (before taxes, but after Firm fees).

The employer agreed to pay 4 million for each piece of 21 million if all the parts could be provided together. The team made it to the third level and rescued a paladin prince from Ilmatar. They left the dungeon and returned the prince home where they were knighted and rewarded before taking a rest and preparing to return to the evil temple . . .


5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

Noble Title (Knight of Ilmatar's Holy Order)

Dungeon loot plus 20,000 and a magic item from the prince (before taxes).     



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