Arcane Empire II

Part 5: Down in Dixie 2 (September - 1)

Into the swamps - again

The characters spent the night in Mississipi after freeing the remaining townsfolk from the control of the Naga and the Evil Priest, but intend to set out the next morning to eliminate the naga and any free or kill any remaining followers she has. The townsfolk have explained it is about an hour drive through the woods to the swamp, and another hour or so walk into the swamp to the naga's lair.

After ensuring the townsfolk were secure Boondock and Shamrock entered the dungeon using primarily sleep grenades and stun attacks to subdue the human cultists and then blasting the troglodytes and Naga. Shamrock took a bonesnapper and some mud viper eggs to seed his realm and the team returned the remaining prisoners and the stolen treasures and identifications.

After dividing the remaining spoils and pay for the job they netted 50,000 credits each after taxes. Boondock planned to stick around to hallow and fix the church as well as assisting in identifying the numerous remains they recovered from the dungeon.      



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