Arcane Empire II

Part 4: Down in Dixie (September - 1)

A Search in The South

Early in September the team has recovered from their adventures in Santorini when they are contacted with an urgent request; four young adults have gone missing and not been heard from for nearly a week. Their parents have met with police and FBI, but decided to contract a mercenary team for faster results fearing the longer it takes to recover them the less the chances are they can be found alive or in sound mind.

GPS was able to establish their last phone message as coming from Laneheart Mississippi, but checks of their vehicle and phone signals show they are all now disabled or in an area with no service. Desperate for a quick resolution the parents have put up a bounty of 100,000 credits for the safe return of their four children.

Their last message was a twitter post saying they were pulling off the highway to get lunch sent at 1:10 pm on Sunday August 30th. The family was unable to reach them on August 31st and made a formal police report on September first. They called the FBI on September 2nd, but felt it wouldn't be acted upon, so on the 3rd they contacted the Firm and were referred to the player characters.

Missing Persons:

Nick Leeds (17), Anna Wilson (19), Harry Roark (24), and Gail Remy (26)

Families can provide pictures, personal belongings, phone numbers, make and model of car (Convertible Mercedes Z-Class Hover-sport), and GPS coordinates of last tweet.

The team essentially bypassed the adventure by using scrying to find the missing persons and Greater Teleport to get to them and spirit them away, but then decided to make a second deal to remove the threat and went back. They then learned over half the town was being dominated by a Naga and an evil priest. They took out the priest and used a combination of greater dispel magics to free the townsfolk they hadn't killed already from the mind control then decided to rest for the night before going into the swamp to hunt down the naga and he remaining followers.


5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

Monetary reward delayed until next session.     



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