Arcane Empire II

Part 11: A Call to War (March - 2)

Old friends on the move

The forces of Iuz are marching on The Kingdom of Furyondi, on a planet the characters haven't yet visited, but the call has gone out in desperation for help and the team has a reputation for taking on the forces of Iuz and surviving. The vast majority of Iuz's forces are orcs, but he also employs demons, goblins, giants, and even drow with the added problem that he seems to have no trouble supplying his infernal forces with modern weapons and armor.

Furyondi is in a desperate bind and is paying mercenaries from all over bounties on Iuz forces taken out and better premiums for objective raids and rescues. 

The team arrived in Greyhawk City and then flew to Chendl to get briefed on the work and bounty rates. After stopping over they found a local half elf ranger who had escaped Highfolk and took him along as a guide. They dropped five miles outside the town in a clearing and were set upon by orcs with light assault rifles. While cleaning up after the first fight a group of Dretches arrived to press the attack. Once all was settled their they started for the town, but their guide fell into a punji pit set by goblins who ambushed the team, with 4 managing to escape. Pressing towards the town they ran into Orc mechs and while still there had to fight more mechs and goblin missile trucks. Eventually they reached the town and hid out in a magnificent mansion to recuperate and then used stealth to scout and sabotage the enemy defense mechs.

A battle broke out at the marketplace, but as it was being mopped up they found the humanoids were fleeing with the townsfolk as human shields. The team caught the orcs and goblins and managed to save most of the townsfolk, but learned sixty goblins and a couple nabasu had escaped.

The Team elected to remain in Highfolk until Furyondi forces could arrive and were awarded 4 million for liberating and securing the town as well as 303,600 in bounty fees.


5 skill points

1 hero point

537,950 credits                  



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