Arcane Empire II

Part 10: The Saint's Hat (February - 2)

Style is in the eye of the Beholder

The Order of Ilmatar asked the characters to retrieve a Chapeaux from a long dead saint, it is considered a holy artifact although it wields no special powers (it is to be used to dedicate a new chapel). The temple offered 100,000 credits since the artifact was in a destroyed church on the southern shores of Tazos, although they did have a map from 500 years ago when the saint was alive.

The team flew over in a summoned van, but Tango and Shamrock got out in their power armor when they spotted four wyverns approaching. The wyverns were very aggressive and all four had to be bloodied to drive them off. As one was flying low over the channel it was eaten by a dragon turtle. 

On the shore the characters couldn't find the temple, but could see 200 lesser undead using a mix of modern and primitive weapons as well as a scouting party of demons which included one mech and one power armor. After studying the map it was determined the shore line had shifted six miles in the 500 years since the map was made and the team found the remains of the temple.

In the catacombs the encountered 5 ogres, 5 hook horrors, 3 ropers, and a beholder all working together. The nasty occupants of the catacombs left few other surprises, so after dealing with them the team returned the hat to Ilmatar for their reward


Skill Points: 5

Hero Points: 1

Credits: 19,000             



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