The Arcane Empire

The existence of The Arcane Empire goes back some time, but it wasn't until modern times that the people of Earth became aware of them. The Empire moved in using superior technology, magic, and powerful beings to force Earth into submission. Much like many Earth invasion scenarios the people of Earth fought back, but after a long bloody battle it became clear the enemy from space was going to win the war. Some people retreated into caves and forests to continue the fight, but most accepted that the aliens were the new masters of the planet and adjusted to life under alien domination. It turned out the aliens had no interest in eliminating humanity, but rather wanted to increase their tax revenues and recruit new troops into their military.

Many people resorted to savagery and lawlessness during the war and were reluctant to return upon the war's end giving rise to gang cultures which continue to be battled. Most cities are much like they were before the war with the exception of damage caused in the war and new new structures built, the aliens had no interest in Earth's interior politics as long as the required resources are exported.

As to Earth being backwards, it's a truth most would rather not deal with and we are far from the most primitive planet in the Empire, but still we have relatively low technology compared with the rest of the Empire and our fractured system of governments makes it difficult to make widespread changes. There are pockets of highly advanced technology, magic, and luxury but overall Earth is going to remain much as it has been for some time to come.

Core worlds in the Empire often have a great deal of technology and magic (the lines between the two are often blurred) on display and highly efficient means of commerce and travel such as gate roads with portals that instantly transport travelers to other parts of the world or even onto other planets. Of course hidden below the glittering towers of magic and technology the same sort of decay and corruption exists one would find in the darkest corners of Earth or any other minor world.        

Arcane Empire II

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