Arcane Empire II

Part 9: In Search of The Orb 4 (January - 2)
New year, new demons

The team has recovered all the elemental power gems from the temple of elemental evil and is trying to discern the powers and means of destruction of the orb before finding it and turning it over for the final payoff.

The team burned a wish to take them to the artifact then decided to escape without exploring more of the temple. Using Discern Location they discovered the Gems were located at The Dark Tower of Malachi on the 4th layer of The Abyss and with a little research determined Malachi is the son of Iuz and wishes to depose him from his pantheon. The group decided to turn over the skull figuring evil fighting evil was okay as long as it didn't spill over to the prime material plane. Tango dropped a few hooks to potential employers about going after Malachi or destroying the orb, but didn't find any takers yet.


Character Points: 5

Hero Points: 1

Credits: 636,500   

Part 8: In Search of The Orb 3 (December - 1)
Into the elemental nodes

After recovering the first gem of the set the characters took a little time to recover and plan their approach. They know from past experience the temple changes based upon their previous ventures and someone is actively supplying the temple inhabitants with modern weaponry.

The team returned using a mirror of mental prowess to access the portal rooms and ambush the portal guardians. After a few forays they managed to capture the remaining stones and then decided to do more research on the powers and means of destruction for the artifact.


1,559,968 credits

1 hero point

5 character points 

Part 7: In Search of The Orb 2 (November - 1)
Back into the depths of depravity

The characters used a Mussorny Aist Aerodyne van to make travel to the temple easier on their last visit. This time they are well aware someone has been supplying the monsters active in the temple with modern weapons and armor.

The Team will likely transport back to a hidden shrine deep in the dungeon hoping it hasn't been discovered yet.

Upon returning the team started mapping to better track their movements and found the temple had been upping its defenses. Defenders in mechs and power armor proved to be a challenge, but in the end the team recovered the giant emerald and was able to make a tidy profit.


5 skill points

1 hero point

519,300 credits each after taxes    

Part 6: In Search of The Orb 1 (October - 1)
Descent into Elemental Evil

Coming off a lower paying mission characters hear there is a high paying contract available and it is near a familiar location. Thirty miles outside Barovia there is rumored to be an abandoned temple where a powerful set of artifacts were secured, a golden orb and four gems. A collector has gathered information on the location, but would rather pay someone else to retrieve the treasures than venture off planet themselves They are offering 1 million credits each for the five artifacts, a total of 5 million credits (before taxes, but after Firm fees).

The employer agreed to pay 4 million for each piece of 21 million if all the parts could be provided together. The team made it to the third level and rescued a paladin prince from Ilmatar. They left the dungeon and returned the prince home where they were knighted and rewarded before taking a rest and preparing to return to the evil temple . . .


5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

Noble Title (Knight of Ilmatar's Holy Order)

Dungeon loot plus 20,000 and a magic item from the prince (before taxes).     

Part 5: Down in Dixie 2 (September - 1)
Into the swamps - again

The characters spent the night in Mississipi after freeing the remaining townsfolk from the control of the Naga and the Evil Priest, but intend to set out the next morning to eliminate the naga and any free or kill any remaining followers she has. The townsfolk have explained it is about an hour drive through the woods to the swamp, and another hour or so walk into the swamp to the naga's lair.

After ensuring the townsfolk were secure Boondock and Shamrock entered the dungeon using primarily sleep grenades and stun attacks to subdue the human cultists and then blasting the troglodytes and Naga. Shamrock took a bonesnapper and some mud viper eggs to seed his realm and the team returned the remaining prisoners and the stolen treasures and identifications.

After dividing the remaining spoils and pay for the job they netted 50,000 credits each after taxes. Boondock planned to stick around to hallow and fix the church as well as assisting in identifying the numerous remains they recovered from the dungeon.      

Part 4: Down in Dixie (September - 1)
A Search in The South

Early in September the team has recovered from their adventures in Santorini when they are contacted with an urgent request; four young adults have gone missing and not been heard from for nearly a week. Their parents have met with police and FBI, but decided to contract a mercenary team for faster results fearing the longer it takes to recover them the less the chances are they can be found alive or in sound mind.

GPS was able to establish their last phone message as coming from Laneheart Mississippi, but checks of their vehicle and phone signals show they are all now disabled or in an area with no service. Desperate for a quick resolution the parents have put up a bounty of 100,000 credits for the safe return of their four children.

Their last message was a twitter post saying they were pulling off the highway to get lunch sent at 1:10 pm on Sunday August 30th. The family was unable to reach them on August 31st and made a formal police report on September first. They called the FBI on September 2nd, but felt it wouldn't be acted upon, so on the 3rd they contacted the Firm and were referred to the player characters.

Missing Persons:

Nick Leeds (17), Anna Wilson (19), Harry Roark (24), and Gail Remy (26)

Families can provide pictures, personal belongings, phone numbers, make and model of car (Convertible Mercedes Z-Class Hover-sport), and GPS coordinates of last tweet.

The team essentially bypassed the adventure by using scrying to find the missing persons and Greater Teleport to get to them and spirit them away, but then decided to make a second deal to remove the threat and went back. They then learned over half the town was being dominated by a Naga and an evil priest. They took out the priest and used a combination of greater dispel magics to free the townsfolk they hadn't killed already from the mind control then decided to rest for the night before going into the swamp to hunt down the naga and he remaining followers.


5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

Monetary reward delayed until next session.     

Part 3: Santorini (August - 1)
Ruins of Akrotiri

Early in August the group gets another offer. A client believes an old rival has taken an unnatural interest in the ruins of Akrotiri. The client says the man Kasai-Yai is in fact an evil spirit known as Oni, and that his interest in Akrotiri means bad news for the people on the island. Open displays of weapons and violence are strongly discouraged as the island is packed with tourists, but that may also discourage Kasai-Yai until whatever his plans are near fruition.

This job will pay 100,000 credits and should be undertaken with some haste as Kasai-Yai has a head start and the characters don't know what he's up to.

Over the course of the job the characters discovered the Oni was working with a Hell Hound and an Efreeti but after killing the Oni were able to capture his soul and turn the efrit. After renogotiating the contract, capturing the Oni's treasure (which was split with the efreeti) and making a deal for the soul of the Oni the team made 511,430 credits each after taxes. Revenue from clearing of Castle Barovia netted the group an additional 20,000 credits each after taxes as well.      

Part 2: Zoo Days (July - 1)
Capturing critters on Oerth

The team accepted a job to go to Castle Greyhawk and recapture the escaped zoo animals. While most of the creatures weren't a terrible threat to the players they quickly expended most of their magic resources trying to put the monsters to sleep and repair the cages.

They managed to work a deal for additional services and came away from the job with 25,000 credits each after taxes.     

Part 1: New Set of Clothes (June - 1)
Changing rules and reworking characters.

The team is trading the constant rain of the northwest for the sunny beaches of southern California. San Diego offers some new opportunities and also gives a more relaxing environment to conduct business from.

Characters will retain their experience and wealth; getting to choose how they allocate their points over again during the rebuild since some skills and equipment changed along with some rules.

A player who made every session in the last campaign would start with 55 skill points (5 per session for 10 sessions plus the 5 new characters start with). Session 1 in this campaign will be the 11th session for continuing characters.

The team moved to San Diego and pooled their money to buy a three office suite in Columbia Court with a robot secretary, then was contacted with a 100,000 credit local job to apprehend a Hobgoblin called Earthglide by the local branch of the E.L.F. for the bombing of a desalinization plant in LA. They got some information from a local bar frequented by E.L.F. members he might be hiding out in a desert cave and then went to a spelunking guide for information on the caves learning there were two likely hideouts. At the first likely hideout they found a combination of humans, hobgoblins, goblins, and bugbears about half of which were former legion members.

Capturing a sentry they learned at least one member was elite and that their target was hiding inside the long winding cave. They silently dispatched the other small patrol then used a missile to blow up the guards at the front of the cave. The elite scout attempted to ambush them, but was caught in a flame strike. Using a summoned police car they demanded the occupant surrender and all but the target they were after gave up.

Earthglide planted 5 tripwire bombs in the cave and was waiting at the back of the cave with his last grenade, but the team avoided the traps and used a sleep gas grenade to knock Earthglide out. When they turned Earthglide in Hammer offered to release the others for a ransom and as many had warrants they agreed to pay. The group collected their bounty and then headed back to the office.

Group Awards:

5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

16,666 credits, 6 silver, and 6 copper after taxes (each)  


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