Vehicle - Caprica Viper

Aerospace fighter


Caprica, the maker of some of the most popular cargo and passenger aerodynes also makes one of the signature air support fighters in the Empire. The Viper looks like a classic Earth design, but incorporates modern antigravity and energy weapons. They have full life support and function perfectly well in space (perpetual power included in price).

Vehicle Move AR Hit Points Seats Cargo Cost
Fast Sport 800 (400 mph) 5 10/20/30 2 5 CF 3,3200,000

2 Nose mounted Blaster (full auto)
Damage: 24
Type: Electricity (Optionally fire in some models)
Rate of Fire: 20 (fully auto x2)
Range: 120/360/1,200
Ammo: Perpetual

9 hard points set up for:
3 Heavy Bombs/Missiles (not included)
6 Medium Missiles (not included)


Viper II is identical to the above, but includes a jump drive. A Viper II can reach a jump point in 30 minutes.

Cost: 3,820,000 Credits ($16,600,000)

Vehicle - Caprica Viper

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