Vehicle - Caprica Phoenix

Fast Transport


The Caprica Phoenix Aerodyne is one of the most popular in the Empire and considered a Name Brand vehicle. They are used as passenger shuttles and cargo vessels by corporations and the Legion.

Vehicle Move AR Hit Points Seats Cargo Cost
Cargo 350 8 35/70/105 3 160 CF 304,000
Passenger 350 8 35/70/105 11 20 CF 308,000

While they are expensive for many operative groups the fact that they are so commonly seen in the air makes them about as low profile as an aircraft can get. With a top speed of 175 mph they are fast enough to get around on planet, those needing more options can upgrade to the Phoenix models which look exactly the same, but can operate in space as well.

Military and Police models often mount a chin turret with a large full auto blaster or laser cannon. Military transports may also mount door guns and hard points for missiles and bombs . Pictured carries 3 heavy bombs and a door gunner without the chin turret

High Altitude Performance
Up to 900 ft: 175 mph
1,000 to 9,000 ft: 350 mph
10,000 to 50,000 ft: 700 mph


The Caprica Phoenix Gravster looks like the more common Aerodynes, but is capable of flying into space. Like the Aerodynes there are military and police models with chin turrets and some have wing mounted missiles. The Phoenix models are also faster going 250 mph.

Vehicle Move AR Hit Points Seats Cargo Cost
Cargo 500 8 35/70/105 3 160 CF 816,000
Passenger 500 8 35/70/105 11 20 CF 867,000

The Caprica Phoenix Interplanetary Courier is the same as the above model with the addition of a jump drive for interplanetary travel. At top speed it takes just under 2 hours to reach jump distance.

Vehicle Move AR Hit Points Seats Cargo Cost
Cargo 500 8 35/70/105 3 160 CF 1,316,000
Passenger 500 8 35/70/105 11 20 CF 1,367,000

Imperial models are consistently upgraded. Support units are given light shields with perpetual power (-5 to hit, 7,000 credits) while units expected to see combat have heavy shields with perpetual power (-10 to hit, 123,000 credits). Imperial models always have Armor enhancement 5 (AR 13, 25,000 credits) and 5 heavy hard points (mount heavy missiles or bombs, adds 500 credits). They usually have fixed forward guns on either side of the cockpit (2 huge energy cannons, one fire and one electricity linked together, full auto, long range, distance enhanced, perpetual power: Damage 32, RoF: 10, Range: 240/720/2,400, Ammo: unlimited, Cost: 82,000 credits) and/or a chin turret (Large 7 barrel energy cannon either fire or electric with perpetual power: Damage 24, RoF 35, Range: 60/180/600, Ammo: unlimited, Cost: 19,000 credits).

Passenger models typically mount a large full auto energy cannon as a door gun on either side. Bombers can carry 16 heavy bombs, 160 medium bombs, or 1600 light bombs or 1/2 as many missiles. (A single Phoenix making a light bomb run hits an area 80 ft wide by 3,200 ft long or 24 meters x 1 km, a squadron of 10 planes would make a pass 800 ft x 3,200 ft or 240 meters x 1 km. Generally these bomb runs consist of 60 damage fire bombs or 10 minute persistence nerve gas.)

Specialty Models:
Sensor Enhanced: 160,000 for 1200 ft locate object sensors
Passive Stealth: 24,000 for standard invisibility
Active Stealth: 224,000 for greater invisibility
Anti-Stealth: 18,000 for see invisibility
Self-Repairing: 20,000 for make whole (30 hp) 5/day

High Altitude Performance
Up to 900 ft: 250 mph
1,000 to 9,000 ft: 500 mph
10,000 to 90,000 ft: 1,000 mph
100,000 ft to near orbit: 2,000 mph
Orbit: 4,000 mph

Vehicle - Caprica Phoenix

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