Utility Wizard


This is a rebuild of my Arcane Empire I character, Ben Weisser. For the rebuild the points were restored and the time use sessions were re-allocated (with a note of how much money was available at each juncture). This will result with a different set of choices, but that’s inevitable with the alterations in what’s available and the arrangement of skills.

Name: Ben “Whiskey” Weisser (Benedict Obadiah Weisser)
Species: Human (Caucasion – U.S. – Oregon – Phoenix)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Religion: Creator (Christian)

Combat Stats
Move: 30 (40)
Bloodied: 15 (20)
Coma: 30 (40)
Dead: 45 (60)
Magic Points: 27 (32)
Faith Points: 18 (23)
Hero Points: 3 (Lifetime: 19)
Skill Points: 1 (Lifetime: 120+10)
Spell Resistance: 30
Reflexes: 15 (20)
Fortitude: 15 (20)
Willpower: 15 (20)

Languages: English, Imperial, Latin, Draconian, Italian

DEXTERITY: 3D (add 3)
Artillery: 4D (add 5)
Melee: 5D (add 5)
Brawling 6D (add 5)
Projectiles: 5D (add 5)
Handgun, Rifle 6D (add 5)
Reflexes: 5D (add 5)
Throwing: 4D (add 5)

STRENGTH: 3D (add 3)
Acrobatics: 4D (add 5)
Fortitude: 5D (add 5)
Resist Fatigue 6D (add 5, unlimited)
Lifting: 4D (add 5)
- Damage Bonus: 4
- Encumbrance Limit: 60 lb (255 lb)
Survival: 4D (add 5)
Swimming, Hunting 5D (add 5)
Toughness: 5D (add 5)

OPERATION: 2D (add 3)
Air and Space: 3D (add 5)
Awareness: 4D (add 5)
Tailing 5D (add 5)
Ground Vehicles: 5D (add 5)
Wheeled 6D (add 5)
Stealth: 4D (add 5)
Ditch Tail 5D (add 5)
Water Vessels: 3D (add 5)

PERSUASION: 4D (add 3)
Animal Handling: 5D (add 5)
Horsemanship 6D (add 5)
Bargain: 5D (add 5)
Command: 5D (add 5)
Diplomacy: 6D (add 5)
Seduction 7D (add 5)
Gather Information: 6D (add 5)
Contacts 7D (add 5)

KNOWLEDGE: 2D (add 3)
Religion: 6D (add 5)
Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transformation, Channeling 7D (add 5)
Cultures: 4D (add 5)
Imperial 5D (add 5)
Medicine: 4D (add 5)
Massage 5D (add 5)
Science: 3D (add 5)
Willpower: 5D (add 5)

CRAFT: 4D (add 3)
Arcane Arts: 9D (add 5)
Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transformation, Universal, Widen Spell Area, Far Reaching, Intensify Spell 10D (add 5)
Creative Arts: 6D (add 5)
Musical Instruments, Singing, Dance, Jeweler, Fashion 7D (add 5)
Build and Repair: 5D (add 5)
Harvest and Mine: 5D (add 5)
Farming 6D (add 5)
Mix and Refine: 6D (add 5)
Cooking 7D (add 5)


Weapon Type Damage Range Ammo Style Weight
Enchanted 45 (small handgun) P 9 (13 or 15) 100/300/1,000 7+1 (unl.) Exotic 2

Ghost Touch, Merciful, Distance, Spell Storing (Fireball), Shrink Item (turns to tattoo), integral silencer


Armor Rating Notes Style Weight
Dead Man Suit (Heavy Exo) 9 (14) Glamoured+5 Exotic 27

Shrink Item Enchantment (turns into tattoo)


Equipment Notes Style Weight
Colt 45 magazine abundant ammo, Phantom Projectiles 1/day – Tattoo w/gun Exotic 1
Graveyard Boots Turbo IX – foot slot/tattoo Exotic 2
Smiling Skull Ring Persistent Vigor – ring slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Ring Bare Essentials IX 10/day – ring slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Gloves Bare Essentials VIII 10/day – Hand slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Belt Bare Essentials VII 10/day – Belt slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Shades Bare Essentials VI 10/day – eye slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Tie Bare Essentials V 10/day – neck slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Vest Bare Essentials IV 10/day – chest slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Watch Bare Essentials III 10/day – wrist slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Hat Bare Essentials II 10/day – head slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Arcane Jacket Bare Essentials I 10/day – body slot/tattoo Exotic 2
Mind Communicator Mind Probe 9@20 – headband slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Shoulder Holster of Change Shapechange – shoulder slot/tattoo Exotic 0
Lyre of Building non-slotted Exotic 3
Decanter of Endless Water non-slotted Exotic 1
Datapad Spellware 50 – in realm Exotic 1
Handy Haversack 120 lb – non-slotted Exotic 5

Fixed Portals

Zor (Booth in Auroch Oasis Hotel/Exotic), Seattle (Lit Cigar Lounge/Luxury), San Diego (Rooftop 600 lounge/Exotic – Columbia Court/Luxury), Barovia (Blood of the Vine Tavern/Name Brand – Tser Pool/Name Brand), Phoenix Oregon (Grandparent’s farm/Name Brand) – Magic Door Tattoo (17th) with 3 permanent expansions (18th ea).

San Diego (Columbia Court/Luxury) – Safe House/Single realm separate from other.

San Diego (Old Town Mercade/Exotic), Barovia (Crossroads between Tser Pond and Village/Name Brand), Primary Realm (Foyer/Exotic), Phoenix Oregon (Shoppes Exit 24/Name Brand)


Imperial Credits (Cash): 4,700
Imperial Credits (Firm Account): 75,000
Platinum Coin: 600
Gold Coin: 1,000
Silver Coin: 1,000
Copper Coin: 900

Special Abilities

Arcane Guild Membership (Level 9 access) renewed for year 2
Divine Church Membership (Level 7 access) renewed for year 2
3 Simulacrum (Arcane 6D/7D, Religion 4D/5D)

Permanent Spells

Tongues, Comprehend Languages, Darkvision, Detect Magic, Read Magic, See Invisibility, Arcane Sight, Magic Fang, Illusion Shell, Sculpt Body


Dermal Pocket (holds luckstone), Dreamchip Recorder, Implant Communicator, Level 1 skill slot (x30), Implant Datapad (Spellware 50), Implant Datapad (Prayerware 50), Implant Datapad (general), Skillchip: 1 (x30), Attribute Enhancemnt: 1 (x6).

Magic Tattoos

Surmount Fatigue, Recreation, Prestidigitation, Ant Haul, Endure Elements, Gravity Bow, Illusion of Calm, Mage Armor, Polypurpose Panacea (wakefulness), Urban Grace, Delay Pain, Delay Disease, Delay Poison, Synchronicity, Death Ward, Life Bubble, Mind Blank, Glamour, Skill Enhancement:1 (x30), Attribute Enhancement:1 (x6) Faith (Animated Car), Door to dimensional Realm (Realm portal, unlimited), Unseen Servant, Pistol with magazine (listed in weapons above), Exoskeleton (in armor above), Pass Without Trace, Conjurer’s Toolbelt, Spell Resistance (SR-30), freedom of movement, Wooden Phalanx, Resist Fire 30, Resist Electricity 30, Resist Acid 30, Resist Sonic 30, Resist Cold 30, Foresight, True Seeing, Silencer Golem Armor, Invisibility, Sound Bubble, Arcane Concordance (x2 spell ranges), Arcane Concordance (x2 spell duration), Honeyed Tongue, Phantom Limo (20th), Phantom Driver (18th/8D), Protection from Evil.

Limited Use:
Masterwork Transformation (1/day, maximum of 2,500 credit increase in value: 650 credit or less base cost makes generic item into exotic item), Remove Sickness 5/day, Cure Light Wounds (9 hp, 5/day), Make Whole (5/day, 30 hp, 50 cf or construct), Akashic Form (continuous, but 10 day drain when used), Mass Baleful Polymorph 5/day (Save Fort 24/20 for fish on land, 20 targets, 75 ft, SR-30), Polymorph Any Object 5/day (Save fort 24, 75 ft, sr-30), Mass Heal 5/day (20 subjects, 200 damage, ability damage, blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, poisoned, sickened, and stunned)Wall of Stone 5/day (12th, 220 ft, 12 squares 5×5, 3 in thick, AR 8, HP 45), Mage’s Disjunction (20th, 5/day), Time Stop 5/day, Fabricate (20th, 5/day), Astral Projection 1/day, Interplanetary Teleport 1/day.


Stone to Flesh if Petrified



I can give you what you want.


Ben is friendly to everyone and always has a ready smile. He’s truly optimistic and the success of some of his more foolhardy endeavors only encourages his somewhat reckless behavior. His outward personality is partially a facade as he’s well aware of the dangers involved in his lifestyle and he takes every precaution possible up to the point where it would interfere with having fun or getting the job done. In spite of his faith Ben is a hedonist at heart, although his sense of philanthropy runs a close second and he does feel the responsibility to help others.


Ben is tall and athletic (6’ 3"/1.875 meter), with captivating blue eyes (cobalt or ocean blue), he has dark hair which is always well trimmed, never sports facial or body hair, and has a continual tan and perfectly white smile. He usually dresses in a black business suit with a white shirt and red tie, but when a situation demands something else he will usually opt for high fashion. His posture and body language always suggest confidence or even overconfidence which can come across as cockiness when he’s in a situation where showing deference is expected. He uses magic frequently so he is always clean, fresh, perfectly groomed and doesn’t show any signs of discomfort or social awkwardness.


Ben was born a decade before the war started and grew up in Phoenix Oregon where he still has many relatives coming from two large families. Ben grew up with five siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers, and often had many cousins around. Ben’s father, Isaac, is a towering man (6’ 8") of large build who acts as a minister to a flock consisting of many convicts, veterans, and others who lead physical lives. Ben’s mother, Mae, is much smaller (5’ 3") and had grown up on a farm with her parents next door to Isaac’s parents. When the war started Ben was too young to be involved on a serious level, but got to observe human behavior slip to deplorable levels as the war dragged on, in fact he and his family were never in danger from the aliens, but did see the violence and dishonesty of humans turned against their society. After the war Ben volunteered to join the legion both as a way to see the galaxy and for the opportunity to learn about magic and technology held by the alien culture. After doing his five years in various battlefields across the galaxy Ben returned home and while he was happy to see family again he joined The Firm with members of his old team.

The team considers Ben to be Irish, although he never did, his mother was half Irish but he never spoke Irish Gaelic growing up and while he did learn Latin he isn’t Catholic (Christian, but Protestant). Ben invested in the San Diego office with the rest of the team and has two realm entrances there (one for his personal realm and another designated as a safe house for clients).

Away from adventuring he has published books and launched a few minor product lines. His most visible business venture is The Crossroads Bar, a dimensional realm bar that links many of the places he’s traveled in his adventures.


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