Organization: THE FIRM

Mercenary/Spycraft Employment Agency


The Firm is a very public secret agency. Everyone knows about The Firm and finding their offices is easy, everyone knows what they do to some extent, but no one really knows just why they do what they do, who might really be in charge, or what, if any, goals they might have.

Most employees of the firm are free agents, contractors who work job to job and are only paid upon completion of contracts. Contracts can be open or closed, an open contract is posted on a board like a bounty handbill and is paid to the first agent or team to complete the task. Closed contracts are offered to a specific agent or team and not offered to another team unless the first team quits or is killed.

There are no advances or support available from The Firm for free agents, but free agents are also free to turn down any job they don’t like. Anywhere there’s a firm office services are available including the purchase of restricted equipment, but regardless of the service purchase The Firm charges twice the going rate (adjusted for high performance free agents). They will also take any contraband off of a free agent’s hands for half the going rate (also adjusted for high performers).

Agents are rate by a metal rating going from copper (a new or low performing agent) to mithril (a top performing agent). The rating is based upon the combined value of the contracts the agent has completed in the last twelve months, so a big job will carry a character for a while, but when it comes off the books they may suffer a significant loss of status and perks.


The Ratings chart shows the name of the rating, the anual contracts needed to have that rating, the amount of skill a player character would need to keep that rating without adding more contracts in play, the rate they pay for items purchased from The Firm, the amount The Firm pays for contraband, and the amount available to the characters at daily perks at lounges in The Firm’s buildings.

Rating Job Value Skill to Maintain Purchase Prices Sale Rates Daily Comps
Copper 0 Any 200% 50% 1 CR ($5)
Silver 10,000 3D 190% 55% 6 CR ($30)
Gold 50,000 7D 180% 60% 15 CR ($75)
Platinum 250,000 15D 170% 65% 28 CR ($140)
Mithril 1,000,000 30D 160% 70% 45 CR ($225)

Many player characters will be specialized enough to maintain a Gold status with “off camera” work which takes place in downtime, but won’t be able to reach platinum or mithril status without some high paying in game contracts.

Organization: THE FIRM

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