Nathaniel Fletcher

Firm Contract Lawyer


Name: Nathaniel Fletcher
Species: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Taoist

Move: 30
Bloodied: 17
Coma: 34
Dead: 51
Magic Points: 23
Faith Points: 23
Hero Points: 3
Skill Points: 0 (Lifetime: 95)
Spell Resistance: 30
Reflexes: 22
Fortitude: 20
Willpower: 24

Languages: Imperial, Elven, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan, Japanese, English, Italian, Korean, French, Arabic, Infernal

DEXTERITY: 2D (bonus 5)
Artillery: 3D (bonus 5)
Melee: 4D (bonus 5)
Tai Chi 5D (bonus 5)
Projectiles: 4D (bonus 5)
Reflexes: 5D+2 (bonus 5)
Throwing: 4D (bonus 5)

STRENGTH: 2D (bonus 5)
Acrobatics: 4D (bonus 5)
Fortitude: 5D (bonus 5)
Lifting: 4D (bonus 5)
- Damage Bonus: 4
- Encumbrance Limit: 85 lb
Survival: 4D (bonus 5)
Toughness: 4D (bonus 5)

OPERATION: 2D (bonus 5)
Air and Space: 3D (bonus 5)
Aerodyne 4D (bonus 5)
Awareness: 4D (bonus 5)
Ground Vehicles: 4D (bonus 5)
Stealth: 4D (bonus 5)
Water Vessels: 4D (bonus 5)

PERSUASION: 4D (bonus 5)
Animal Handling: 5D (bonus 5)
Bargain: 7D (bonus 5)
Contracts 8D (bonus 5)
Command: 6D (bonus 5)
Diplomacy: 6D (bonus 5)
Gather Information: 6D (bonus 5)
Contacts 7D (bonus 5)

KNOWLEDGE: 4D (bonus 5)
Religion: 6D (bonus 5)
Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion 7D (bonus 5)
Cultures: 7D (bonus 5)
Law, English, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tibetan, Spanish, Imperial, Japanese, Elven, Korean, French, Arabic, Infernal 8D (bonus 5)
Medicine: 6D (bonus 5)
Science: 6D (bonus 5)
Willpower: 6D (bonus 5)

CRAFT: 4D (bonus 5)
Arcane Arts: 6D (bonus 5)
Conjuration, Evocation, Illusion 7D (bonus 5)
Creative Arts: 6D (bonus 5)
Build and Repair: 5D (bonus 5)
Harvest and Mine: 5D (bonus 5)
Mix and Refine: 5D (bonus 5)


Weapon Type Damage Range Ammo Style Weight
Baton of Magic Missiles Magic 5 (x5) 190 ft 5/day NA 1
Baton of Fireballs Fire 30 (save 12/20 ft R) 800 ft 5/day Na 1
Baton of Deep Slumber Sleep 5 min (save 12/10 HD) 35 ft 5/day NA 1
Baton of Disintigration Magic 240 (save 24 for 30) 300 ft 5/day NA 1


Armor Rating Notes Style Weight
Mage Armor 4 Tatoo NA 0
Medium Armor Suit (5) 2 NA Exotic 4 (20)


Equipment Notes Style Weight
Personal Communicator 10 miles Exotic 0
Luckstone Amulet Bonus 1 all rolls NA 1
Ride IX Watch 50,000 limit NA 1
Bare Essentials IX ring 153 cr, 5/day NA 0
Deluxe Data-pad Holo-display Exotic 1
Data-pad 50 level spell ware NA 1
Data-pad 50 level spell ware NA 1
Handy Haversack Attache Case NA 5
Survival Kit 0 Bonus Generic 15
80 Potion Cure Light Wounds 9 damage NA 1 (80)
Pearl of the Sirens Swim 60, breathe water NA 0


Type Style Move AR HP Seats Cargo
Ferrari Exotic 350 ( 175 mph) 5 15/30/45 2 5 CF


Imperial Credits: 1,666

Species Abilities

Low Light Vision

Permanent Spells

Tongues, Comprehend Languages, See Invisible, Detect Magic

Magic Tattoos

Greater Heroism (Bonus 4 all rolls), Fly (move 60), Deathward (Immune level/attribute drain), Akashic Form (instant Res.), Spell Resistance (SR 30), Mage Armor (AR 4), Foresight (Danger Sense), Synchronicity (convenience), Life Bubble (immune gas and pressure), Mind Blank (immune detection), Wave Rider (swim 30), Unseen Servant (30 ft/20 lb), Resist Energy (30 each: Fire, Electricity, Cold, Acid, Sonic).


Arcane Guild (level 7)
Universal Church (level 7)



He speaks a dozen languages, has Masters degrees in both Law and Business, and looks like he is in his twenties. He doesn’t carry a gun or wear obvious armor or protections, but he has well-developed magical abilities and even the casual observer may catch him routinely using simple spells to make life easier. His business card is usually enough to repel would be assailants. Attacking a member of the Firm is on par with suicide.


Nathaniel was born in Zor on the planet Alterra to an Elven father and a human mother. His father was a contract negotiator for the Red Hand. His mother was from a successful merchant family. When the Empire arrived, Zor transitioned quickly into the new system of government, but managed to hold onto many of their traditions and influences. As a teen, Nathaniel joined the Legion, like everyone was now required to. He was shipped off to multiple duty stations, most of which were on Earth. He served several roles in the Legion’s Pacific Rim Command: Interpreter, Combat Theurge, Imperial Liason, Ambassador, JAG Representative, and even Legionnaire Unit Commander. Among his duty stations were Hong Kong, Tibet, Tokyo, Beijing, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Sydney, San Francisco and Seoul. His last duty station was Seattle and when he mustered out he chose to set up office there.


He set up a branch office doing contract work for the Firm in Seattle’s International District. He met Reggie Reynolds, a Firm recruiter and struck a deal. He opened his office in the Chase Bank Building and hired three legal assistants to take care of business while he concentrated on clients and specifics of contracts. He was soon a millionaire, largely do to one group’s enormous success rate. He decided to team up exclusively with them and move operations to San Diego, while doing minor contract work on the side to pay the bills.

Nathaniel Fletcher

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