Location: Columbia Court; Suite 310

Office Spce


The team purchased a suite in a small office building in the gaslamp district of San Diego. There are three physical offices, a reception area, and a small snack room but the team added 5 gates to dimensional realms.

An android receptionist greets customers at all hours of the day or night and can help clients get in touch with team members as well as discuss rates and which team members might best serve their needs. The receptionist is fluent in English, Irish Gaelic, Latin, and Imperial.

The reception area has two chairs and a love seat for guests to sit in while they wait and the receptionist can provide coffee, candy, light snacks, and fresh fruit as well (bathrooms are on the opposite side of the courtyard from the office). The receptionist has a standard computer with access to a 60 in wall display behind her to run advertisements, television, or demonstrations and also has a duplex color printer to print out reminders, receipts, promotions, and so on. Coffee cups, water glasses, pens, and stationary are decorated with the company logo and the receptionist can also provide t-shirts, towels, hats, frisbees, and other promotional materials with the company logo for those interested.

Four of the dimensional realms are personal retreats, but one is designated as a safe house for high risk clients or guests (made to accommodate 8 individuals/couples or less if they bring children – up to 16 people in 8 bedrooms).


Safe House:
This is a relatively large dimensional realm (100 ft x 180 ft x 20 ft) with normal time flow for the occupants but timeless enhanced magic and mild positive energy (grants fast healing 2, spell treated as 2 caster levels higher and duration never expires within). The main safe house is a 100 ft x 100 ft single story structure with high ceilings that includes eight large bedrooms (20 × 20) attached to on suite bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs and laundry (10 × 20), a large study/lounge (40 × 40), dining/common room (40 × 40), and kitchen (20 × 30 ). The main house has two servants (A cook with 8D cooking and a valet with 8D cultures).

Outside the safehouse is a garden/yard (80 × 100) surrounded by a tall hedge made of berry bushes which always have ripe fruit (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, red grape, white grape, and black grape. One end has an Olympic pool surrounded by sun loungers, a barbecue pit, workout area, and a variety of herb boxes while the other end has a koi pond surrounded by flowers and dwarf fruit trees ripe with a variety of apples, apricot, pear, banana, cherry, fig, kiwi, guava, nectarine, orange, grapefruit, coconut, lime, lemon, tangerine, peach, plum, and pomegranate with hammocks between some of the trees.

In addition to the pants outside the safe house is well stocked with food and the kitchen has both a walk in fridge and walk in freezer. Among the stores are a well stocked humidor, wine cellar, and liquor cabinet. The safe house has an independent power supply, but can access internet and phone service through the office.

Windows show scenery of forest meadows, but don’t open. All bedrooms include a basic computer with duplex color laser printers and a case of paper, a stand up arcade game (410 selections), a large screen televisions (60 inch 2D), Independent climate control, a large safe (20 cf, Stealth 25 to open lock), mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, a leather sofa and chair in addition to the queen size bed, extra towels, bedding, and pillows, cotton robes, a large closet, vanity with mirror and table, a med-kit (bonus 1) with 10 doses of alpha healing drug (9 hp), 10 doses of sleep aid, 10 doses of pain reliever, and 10 doses of remove sickness drug, notepads, pens, and a bookshelf (no books initially). Bathroom are stocked with toilet paper, soaps, and towels, along with a selection of generic beauty and hygiene products. While the bathrooms include toilet paper they are equipped with bidet.

Lounge area includes a number of leather recliners, coffee tables, a pool table, air hockey table, foos ball table, ping pong table, and a regular table for board games. The common room has a large banquet table with comfortable chairs and a number of small tables and chairs with some book shelves (stocked with common reference works and a few dozen examples of classic literature.

The height of the ceiling (sky) in the safe house is just over 13 feet, under each bed is access to a void the full size of the bedroom with a 6 foot ceiling that may be used for hiding or storage (similar voids under the other rooms are accessible from the kitchen and hold generators, waste disposal, water heaters, and other stored goods). the deepest section of the pool is about seven feet and the same is true for the pond.

Safe House Security
The entire safe house realm is under the protection of mage’s private sanctum preventing any form of scrying and dimensional lock so the door to the office is the only way in or out. The door to the office can be blocked by an animated Adamantine shutter (Hardness 25, HP 28/56/84 with fast healing 5). A Circle of Clarity and Invisibility Purge covers the entrance as well to make it less likely for disguised or invisible foes to slip in when the door is open.

Location: Columbia Court; Suite 310

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