Asteri Seabhac

Human Cleric


Name: Asteri Seabhac (Boondock)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Catholic

Move: 30+20
Bloodied: 20
Coma: 40
Dead: 60
Magic Points: 17+5
Faith Points: 24+5
Hero Points: 2
Skill Points: 1
Spell Resistance: 30
Reflexes: 18+5
Fortitude: 18+5
Willpower: 19+5

Languages: English, Irish Gaelic, Latin, Imperial, Japanese, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Draconic

Artillery: 4D (5)
Melee: 5D (5)
-Energy Blades
Projectiles: 5D (5)
Reflexes: 6D (5)
Throwing: 5D (5)

Acrobatics: 4D (5)
Fortitude: 6D (5)
Lifting: 5D (5)
- Damage Bonus: 5
- Encumbrance Limit: 75+25 (300)
Survival: 5D (5)
Toughness: 5D (5)

Air and Space: 5D (5)
Awareness: 6D (5)
-Audio, Olfactory, Tailing, Tracking, Visual
Ground Vehicles: 5D (5)
Stealth: 6D (5)
-Bypass Security, Countertracking, Disguise, Ditching Tails, Forgery, Hacking, Hide/Sneak, Lockpicking
Water Vessels: 5D (5)

Animal Handling: 4D (5)
Bargain: 4D (5)
Command: 3D (5)
Diplomacy: 3D (5)
Gather Information: 4D (5)
-Social Chameleon

Religion: 8D (5)
-Channeling, Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Extraplanar Channeling, Evocation, Illusion, Lay On Hands, Necromancy, Selective Channeling, Transmutation
Cultures: 6D (5)
-Cantonese, Draconic, Mandarin
Medicine: 5D (5)
Science: 5D (5)
Willpower: 6D+1 (5)

Arcane Arts: 5D+2 (5)
-Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, Universal
Creative Arts: 3D (5)
Build and Repair: 3D (5)
Harvest and Mine: 3D (5)
Mix and Refine: 3D (5)


Weapon Type Damage Range Ammo Style Weight
GhostTouch+1DeLisle P 9 100/300/1000 7 3
GhostTouch+1Merciful Medium Blaster Pistol E 16 60/180/600 12 5
Bane Giant Medium Sonic Pistol S 16 60/180/600 12 5
Holy Merciful Brilliant Energy+1 Two-Handed Lightsaber C 24 8 5
Frag Grenades P 30 5 1 each
Knockout Grenades sleep 5 minutes 10 ft radius 10 1 each


Armor Rating Notes Style Weight
Heavy Exoskeleton+5 Glamour 9 27
Armored Suit 2 Exotic 6


Equipment Notes Style Weight
Universal Church Membership 9 Levels -
PrayerWare 50 Levels 1
Arcane Guild Membership 7 Levels -
SpellWare 50 Levels 1
Arcane Data Chip 25 – 9th Level
Level 5 Cartography Datapad 1
Personal Communicator implant
Silver Crucifix Holy Symbol 1
Robe of Components Body slot 1
Belt of Many Pouches Belt slot 1
Endless Bandolier Chest slot 2
Gloves of Reconnaissance Hand slot
Cloak of Arachnida Shoulder slot 1
Ring of Greater Spell Storing Ring slot Miracle
Phylactery of Channeling Headband slot
Ring of Regeneration Ring slot
Shoes of Lightning Leaping Feet slot
Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls Head slot 1
Amulet of Proof Against Petrification Neck slot
Light Energy Cell 2 spares 2
Perpetual Ammo Clip 3 2
Handy Haversack 5
Staff of Resurrection 15 charges

in Endless Bandolier:

Antimagic Shell bullet 2
Brilliant Energy bullet 59
Bullets slots 7
Pistol pockets 4
2-handed pockets 2

in Handy Haversack:

Cauldron of Plenty 36 people/day, Heroes’ Feast (12) 1/week 25
Cauldron of Resurrection Raise Dead 1/2day, Resurrection 1/4day 35
Decanter of Endless Water 2
Mirror of Mental Prowess 3
Hand of Glory 2
Clamor Box 2
Rope of Climbling
Survival Kit 15
Robe of Useful Items 2 daggers, 1 bulls-eye lantern, 2 mirrors, 2 10-ft poles, 2 50-ft hemp rope, 3 bags of 100 gp, Scroll of Command, Scroll of Detect Animals/Plants, Scroll of Arcane Sight, 2 mules w/ saddle bags, 2 iron doors, 2 wooden ladders, open pit, rowboat, silver coffer – 500 gp, potion of cure serious wounds 1

in Belt pouches:

Miracle component (exceptional)
Shape Change component (exceptional)
Portable Hole
Lord’s Banner Crusades 40 ft hallow effect
Monocle of the Investigator
Inquisitor’s Monocle
Treasure Hunter Goggles
Sleeves of Many Garments
Chime of Opening
Burglar’s Bracers 1
Dust of Disappearance 15 doses
Handy Haversacks 6 5 each
Arcane Scroll 4 spells Magic Mouth, Fly, Charm Monster, Baleful Polymorph
Cleric Scroll 3 spells Animate Dead, Raise Dead, Restoration
9th Level Wand of Magic Missiles 50 charges
1st Level Cure Light Wounds Wand 48 charges
10th Level Wand Fireball 47 charges
10th Level Wand Flame Strike 45 charges

on Rosary: 30 Skill Focus+1, Protection From Evil, Delay Disease, Delay Pain, Delay Poison, Recreation, Create Greater Demi-Plane, Illusion of Calm, Urban Grace, Secret Chest (9 foot cube), Feather Fall, Locate Object XX, PassWall IX 5/day

in bead demi-plane: Simulacrum, Bless Water Font

in realm: 2 animated adamantine walls, Simulacrum, Coat of Endure Elements, Lyre of Building
-in office: permanent realm access point
-in Barovia: permanent realm access point in church, at fanes


Type Style Move AR HP Seats Cargo
Ferrari Spider – ( 175 mph) //- – CF


Imperial Credits: 117411.16

Special Abilities

Contingency: Stoneskin

Permanent: Tongues, Comprehend Languages, See Invisible, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Darkvision, Arcane Sight, Magic Fang

Tattoos: Mind Blank, Greater Heroism, True Seeing, True Speak, Akashic Form, death Ward, Mage Armor+4, Echolocation, Spell Resistance 30, Life Bubble, Resist Energy (Acid 30, Cold 30, Electricity 30, Fire 30, Sonic 30, Radiation 12), Endure Elements, Freedom of Movement, Waverider, Fly, Telepathy, Greater Longstrider, Gravity Bow, Foresight, Time Stop 5/day, Simulacrum


Teri was in elementary school when the aliens invaded. During the war, her parents were killed and she ended up in an orphanage. When the offer to a better life in exchange for 5 years of service was extended, Teri decided to join the legion. As an Irish Catholic with clerical abilities, she earned the code name Boondock.

Asteri Seabhac

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