Arcane Empire II

Part 9: In Search of The Orb 4 (January - 2)

New year, new demons

The team has recovered all the elemental power gems from the temple of elemental evil and is trying to discern the powers and means of destruction of the orb before finding it and turning it over for the final payoff.

The team burned a wish to take them to the artifact then decided to escape without exploring more of the temple. Using Discern Location they discovered the Gems were located at The Dark Tower of Malachi on the 4th layer of The Abyss and with a little research determined Malachi is the son of Iuz and wishes to depose him from his pantheon. The group decided to turn over the skull figuring evil fighting evil was okay as long as it didn't spill over to the prime material plane. Tango dropped a few hooks to potential employers about going after Malachi or destroying the orb, but didn't find any takers yet.


Character Points: 5

Hero Points: 1

Credits: 636,500   



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