Arcane Empire II

Part 3: Santorini (August - 1)

Ruins of Akrotiri

Early in August the group gets another offer. A client believes an old rival has taken an unnatural interest in the ruins of Akrotiri. The client says the man Kasai-Yai is in fact an evil spirit known as Oni, and that his interest in Akrotiri means bad news for the people on the island. Open displays of weapons and violence are strongly discouraged as the island is packed with tourists, but that may also discourage Kasai-Yai until whatever his plans are near fruition.

This job will pay 100,000 credits and should be undertaken with some haste as Kasai-Yai has a head start and the characters don't know what he's up to.

Over the course of the job the characters discovered the Oni was working with a Hell Hound and an Efreeti but after killing the Oni were able to capture his soul and turn the efrit. After renogotiating the contract, capturing the Oni's treasure (which was split with the efreeti) and making a deal for the soul of the Oni the team made 511,430 credits each after taxes. Revenue from clearing of Castle Barovia netted the group an additional 20,000 credits each after taxes as well.      



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