Arcane Empire II

Part 1: New Set of Clothes (June - 1)

Changing rules and reworking characters.

The team is trading the constant rain of the northwest for the sunny beaches of southern California. San Diego offers some new opportunities and also gives a more relaxing environment to conduct business from.

Characters will retain their experience and wealth; getting to choose how they allocate their points over again during the rebuild since some skills and equipment changed along with some rules.

A player who made every session in the last campaign would start with 55 skill points (5 per session for 10 sessions plus the 5 new characters start with). Session 1 in this campaign will be the 11th session for continuing characters.

The team moved to San Diego and pooled their money to buy a three office suite in Columbia Court with a robot secretary, then was contacted with a 100,000 credit local job to apprehend a Hobgoblin called Earthglide by the local branch of the E.L.F. for the bombing of a desalinization plant in LA. They got some information from a local bar frequented by E.L.F. members he might be hiding out in a desert cave and then went to a spelunking guide for information on the caves learning there were two likely hideouts. At the first likely hideout they found a combination of humans, hobgoblins, goblins, and bugbears about half of which were former legion members.

Capturing a sentry they learned at least one member was elite and that their target was hiding inside the long winding cave. They silently dispatched the other small patrol then used a missile to blow up the guards at the front of the cave. The elite scout attempted to ambush them, but was caught in a flame strike. Using a summoned police car they demanded the occupant surrender and all but the target they were after gave up.

Earthglide planted 5 tripwire bombs in the cave and was waiting at the back of the cave with his last grenade, but the team avoided the traps and used a sleep gas grenade to knock Earthglide out. When they turned Earthglide in Hammer offered to release the others for a ransom and as many had warrants they agreed to pay. The group collected their bounty and then headed back to the office.

Group Awards:

5 Skill Points

1 Hero Point

16,666 credits, 6 silver, and 6 copper after taxes (each)  



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